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Re: foo_discogs

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Thanks for the dump file, I tried crashing the component by following the description in your post but couldn´t. The .dmp file showed the code routine causing it though. Need to set aside some time for it, hopefully that crash won´t occur in next update.

Next update will focus on...
- Browse to current master/release item to make it visible when opening the release panel
- Refine release filter typing
- Custom columns on release panel

Thanks da yuyu... Hope to see a fix soon, as it's still frequently crashing for me.
I created a Github issue for it:
with a new crash log. I can send another dump if useful.

Re: foo_discogs

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When I used the field %DISCOGS_ARTISTS_PROFILE% i noticed that it gets

Code: [Select]
[b] Frank Zappa[/b] grew to be one of the most accomplished composers of the rock era, his music combining an understanding and appreciation for such contemporary classical figures as [b][a=Igor Stravinsky][/b], [b][a=Karlheinz Stockhausen][/b] and [b][a=Edgard Varèse][/b]


Code: [Select]
[a237886] the force behind [url=] "[i]Zappa Plays Zappa[/i]" [/url] as well as an accomplished guitarist in his own right; [a296279], [a1635870] and the more reserved [a296276].

Is there any way to get the tag text like this?

Code: [Select]
Frank Zappa grew to be one of the most accomplished composers of the rock era, his music combining an understanding and appreciation for such contemporary classical figures as Igor Stravinsky, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Edgard Varèse


Code: [Select]
Dweezil Zappa the force behind "Zappa Plays Zappa" as well as an accomplished guitarist in his own right; Moon Zappa, Diva Zappa and the more reserved Ahmet Zappa. 

Re: foo_discogs

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I haven't been following & don't have any time for this right now, but nice work da yuyu. If you make a MR on bitbucket some time I would review them and merge into the main release, once they are stable.

Did you ever fix the issue of it being very slow (at least under wine)? That seemed like a major issue.

Hi zoomorph, great to see you back. I'll be glad to MR at some point in the future of course.
The thing about the poor performance is going well. The filtering is not as awful as it was last week and there is a new option to cache on disk, nice for big artist collections. I believe it is getting better.
The throughput in the connections is not so good, but that seams like a limitation at Discogs. Idk maybe something to do with the protocol, the load balancing... is hard to tell. All in all your component does a fantastic job for my needs. Looking forward for that MR at some point in the future. All the best.

Re: foo_discogs

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Tried mod.17.1 after several weeks of abstinence and it's always crashing on me after fetching the artist releases. When it wasn't crashing and opened the match track dialogue no tracks where shown - weather the fetched release tracks nor my local files...

EDIT: crazy sh..., i found the culprit. when having foo_upnp_out selected as output device (DLNA speaker), then your plugin is crashing. Having selected primary sound driver, everything is working as expected. :-O

EDIT2: at least i can run mod.16.1 - with mod.17.1 same problem as before.

Re: foo_discogs

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Sorry, about that...
A crash was reported on the repo that was solved by resetting 'Release formatting string' (Searching options) to the default value. You may check that just in case... About these crash reports, I am sorry I am somehow unable to run them. Would you please test again on v18.1 (maybe check also on a fresh install) and upload them again?
Thanks for reporting!  :)

Re: foo_discogs

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Hey @da yuyu, I've got a small issue I want to raise.
In the tagging dialog, every time you adjust anything - e.g. you're searching for Boris, and you need to click through Boris (1), Boris (3) etc to find the right one - the Filter is replaced by whatever's tagged in the album title.

This can be inconvenient. If it's a CD with no tags, or untagged files, the filter keeps getting erased and you need to retype it. If the album title has punctuation in it, you might want to filter on a fragment of the title, and you have to keep editing that each time.

Can you possible change it to the old behaviour, where the Filter is initialised with album title, but then whatever you type in there stays for as long as the dialog is open?

Re: foo_discogs

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You are welcome, sounds quite bothersome...
Hopefully a fix will be included in the next release.

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