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First impressions.


First impressions.

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1) No hard seek/positioning function - I have many 2+ hour files I'd like to be able to easily seek through.
2) Insane RAM usage.
3) No support for WavPack, SHN, AAC, and VQF.

1. possibly coming later, stick with ctrl+cursors for now
2. even my 4.5 year old k6-2 box (which is now serving my sister) has 128megs of ram. if your computer has problems with fb2k memory usage, then it's a problem with your computer being as old as hell. main "memory eater" is the database, can't be helped much, all playlist operations would be extremely slow without it.
3. some sort of SDK will be out late this week, other people will be able to add formats i don't have time to work on.

[edit] i dont know how the F. you got it to use 100 megs, but i get 5 meg memory usage with ~2000 files on playlist.

[edit2] hint: try adding your big music dir again after it cached all metadata.

First impressions.

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A directory tree or something like AlbumList would be nice. Scrolling through the huge playlist like mine is a pain in the ass.  B)

First impressions.

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I'll add my vote for the directory tree too, but so far very happy.

First impressions.

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