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1.6.7 beta change log

Beta 2
  • Exclusive mode fixes.

Beta 3
  • Exclusive mode fixes.

Beta 4
  • Exclusive mode fixes.
  • Workaround for tag update errors if the the tags contain a malformed attached picture.

Beta 5
  • Exclusive mode fixes.
  • Made Output preferences reflect output device changes made by output picker toolbar.

Beta 6
  • Allowed per-track REM COMMENT in cuesheets.
  • Fixed crashing on failed paste operations in Properties dialog.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of UTF-8 file names inside ZIP archives.
  • HLS radio bug fixes.
  • Added a Monty Python easter egg.

Beta 7
  • Rewritten exclusive-mode WASAPI output from scratch.
  • Removed 8-bit output option.
  • Fixed inaccurate preamp decibel formatting in Converter setup dialog.

Beta 8
  • Exclusive-mode output fixes.

Beta 9
  • Exclusive-mode output fixes; fixed "unsupported format" error regression.

Beta 10
  • Exclusive-mode output fixes; fixed high CPU usage when paused regression.

Re: 1.6.7 beta change log

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Beta 11
  • Fixed a beta 7 regression causing glitched audio after a change of parameters (such as sample rate or channel count).
  • Re-enabled 32-bit floating-point output with exclusive mode, some devices seem to accept it.

Re: 1.6.7 beta change log

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Beta 12
  • Fixed beta 11 regression which caused errors with some 24-bit devices.

Re: 1.6.7 beta change log

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Beta 13
  • Prevented popup of Preferences page prompting for a valid output device if the audio device was unplugged with foobar2000 in background.
  • Re-added Advanced Preferences setting to override exclusive-mode hardware buffer length.
  • Added a special fix for FOSTEX cards that do not work with system-default buffer length.
  • Fixed missing remapping of 5.1 vs 5.1-side channel configurations with exclusive mode.

Re: 1.6.7 beta change log

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Beta 14
  • Worked around glitched playback after a buffer underrun.

Re: 1.6.7 beta change log

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Beta 15
  • Added .weba (WebM audio) to recognized formats.
  • Attempted WASAPI exclusive compatibility fixes (timed polling instead of event, 50ms default hardware buffer).

When reporting exclusive mode issues, please compare vs beta 13 (download link above).

Re: 1.6.7 beta change log

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Beta 16
  • WASAPI compatibility fixes. Defaults are equivalent to well-behaved beta 13 (event instead of polling). You can override if your device doesn't agree.

Re: 1.6.7 beta change log

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Beta 17
  • Refactored exclusive mode overrides in Advanced Preferences.
  • Added a specific workaround for Intel SST Audio, so exclusive mode works without manual tweaks.
  • Prevented foobar2000 from starting up with foo_dsp_std.dll missing, or else normal playback fails. Note that this can only happen as a result of tampering with the installation, as foo_dsp_std.dll is always installed.

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