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Topic: [REQ] Oversimple (HIIR + r8brain-free-src) resampler (Read 139 times) previous topic - next topic
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[REQ] Oversimple (HIIR + r8brain-free-src) resampler

Since more HD DACs are available on the market, "advanced" resamplers are preferrable.

Oversimple is a C++17 library for audio oversampling, which tries to offer a simple api.

Oversimple wraps two of the best resampling libraries available:

Both libraries use SIMD instructions for both single and double precision floating point numbers on all platforms where they are supported (including double precision on ARM AArch64).

Aligned memory and interleaved buffers needed by the simd code in HIIR are managed using avec.

Hope that inspires.
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Re: [REQ] Oversimple (HIIR + r8brain-free-src) resampler

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Aleksey Vaneev and the R8bain stuff is excellent, good choice.

Is there really a use for oversampling in software for playback? My DAC natively supports 44.1kHz. And phase distortion isn't audible in music, is it?

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