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Images for Radio Streams

This is probably a simple matter for someone, but I’m way out of my depth.

The question concerns calling up an image to go with a radio stream.  Years ago, I adapted a string that I found here (but which I can no longer locate) for my “Album Art” field (DUI) and somehow got it to work.  As adapted:

So the string reads up to 11 characters in the stream name and matches them to the name of the corresponding image in my RadioImages folder and pulls that image into the album art box. 

Works great.  I have a subsequent string that pulls a “stub” image if the stream’s name contains illegal characters (there are more than a few like that in my playlist of about 200 stations).

But one small problem occurs if the 11th character in the stream name is a blank space (e.g., “KZSC Santa Cruz”), because I can’t name an image file to end with a blank space.

Choosing 11 as the number of characters was arbitrary (I think the original had 13), but I’m gonna have the problem occasionally no matter what value I use.

There’s no substitute character for a blank space at the end of file names, correct?

Somehow I never thought of making the value much larger (say, 25).  Is there a limit?  I would have to rename a lot of my image files, but still…

Thanks for reading.  Not terribly exciting, I’m aware.  But if anyone can clear this up for me.
Radio streams account for a good deal of how I use this great player.  A daily pleasure.   N.

Re: Images for Radio Streams

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Thanks so much.  I'll try it.   N.

Works!  Really, thanks.

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