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Re: Inseting Folder Path in Default User Interface

Thank you for your help.  I tried this and it did not work.  I did insert %path% In the Window title, Status bar and Notification area icon tooltip fields in File>Preferences>Default User Interface. The preview shows the information but when I apply I do not see the grey section on the bottom of fb2k, which I assume is the section to which these settings refer. Even after restarting, there is still no change.  Again, with no usable guide, it makes things difficult.

Wait!  I figured out that the Default User Interface only displays when you switch that in the User interface module, so now I understand why these changes were not reflected.  Now when I changed that I do see the path information.  How I just have to figure out how to do this with the Columns UI.

Wait! Figure that one out as well. I found it in Display?Columns UI>Main and also in Status bar.

I am very new at this program.  It is a bit intimidating. I guess most learning will come from trial and error. 

Still I appreciate the effort in trying to help me out! :D

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