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Windows ARM64


Is there any chance of a Windows ARM64 (AArch64) port?

Asking re compatibility with Microsoft's Surface X Pro (Windows 10 ARM based, not x86).

Alternatively...has anyone tested, or heard feedback, regarding functionality via the 32 bit x86 emulation process in the Pro X?


FYI, in case they are useful:

Re: Windows ARM64

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And ask all the developers to port every plugin to AArch64 as well, since you'll be wanting those too.

Re: Windows ARM64

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Emulation should work. I was once able to test emulated foobar2000 on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Windows for ARM. It was extremely slow (as was the whole operating system), but worked.
I have not been able to buy a consumer grade ARM64 Windows device for testing, almost as if they were banned from being sold in my part of Europe.

Re: Windows ARM64

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Okay, good. Thanks for your input. I was guessing it would likely work fine under emulation - although with some slowness (hopefully less impact on the most recent devices, like the Pro X). There seem to be relatively few reported programs that really fail to function.
For most developers I expect the porting idea will be dependent on if the ARM on Windows push becomes successful, and emerges with a significant chunk of the market. Which seems somewhat 50/50 now, at best, from what limited info I can see.
Thanks again.

Re: Windows ARM64

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I'm going to bump this topic for 2021, now that we know AArch64 has a future in consumer-grade computers thanks to Apple, Microsoft, and Qualcomm. It would be nice to see an AArch64 port of Foobar2000, and as one poster mentioned, also the standard included plugins. In my testing, Microsoft's x86-64 emulation is working better with each dev build, but a native executable would require less battery power -- and long battery life is the key selling point of all AArch64 devices.

Re: Windows ARM64

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And ask all the developers to port every plugin to AArch64 as well, since you'll be wanting those too.

And people can pay me money for an ARM based laptop/desktop, to do the component port. I cannot keep forking out money for zero benefit.

Re: Windows ARM64

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Re: Windows ARM64

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Just FYI, for the currently available hardware, Windows for ARM runs better inside Parallels on macOS than it does on consumer bare metal hardware. But this Qualcomm hardware could also prove to be very nice as well.

At least on the Parallels setup, it runs well enough to run x86 and x86_64 games, as long as they're limited to DirectX 9-11 or OpenGL 3.2 or lower. This Qualcomm thing could probably beat that for compatibility, if it supports DirectX 12 and Vulkan, and higher versions of OpenGL.

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