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Monochrome IRC

Not sure where to put this thread, can you please add few options to hide Joins/Parts/Quits on Monochrome?

Also I am having trouble connecting to ZNCs with the client, not sure what the problem is, it can't resolve the IP of the ZNC at all.

Thank you.

Re: Monochrome IRC

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Old subject is old, but:

Option to hide joins/parts/etc is included.

Feedback => #monochrome on I know it's idleville but I eventually read everything.

Re: Monochrome IRC

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Thank you Peter, still testing but it works wonderfully.

Re: Monochrome IRC

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@Peter, not sure I like the new bold buttons, I think I like the new location but not the bold, I don't think it's necessary, they look "dirty" and go against the minimalist look of the client. Let me know.

Re: Monochrome IRC

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@Peter, sorry one more thing, now I can't connect to the ZNC at all, all I get is this:

17:59:20 Client initialized.
17:59:20 Connecting...
17:59:20 Unexpected Protocol Error: DNS failure - empty address list meaning when I just tried it right now, I don't use it constantly but I check periodically.

Re: Monochrome IRC

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Tried the client again with a different VPS, still same connection issues:

15:00:56 Client initialized.
15:00:56 Connecting...
15:00:56 Disconnected: No such host is known

Re: Monochrome IRC

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Version 1.337 has just been released, with fix for compatibility.
Another update will be posted at some point, adding SASL authentication; I'll look into ZNC compatibility before that.

Re: Monochrome IRC

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What are you using for the host name (screenshot?)
I'm not quite following how this is failing.

Whole freenode mess has motivated me to work on this again... at least the number of easter eggs has doubled for v1.4

Edit: ZNC seems to work, you need your ZNC user as ident user name (in preferences, not server settings!) and ZNC password as server password.
I'll see if I can clean this up for 1.4.

Re: Monochrome IRC

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Hostname is the IP of the VPS and the port is not a default one.

This is the issue "17:22:11 Disconnected: No such host is known" (just tested now) not the validation of the username or the password, I am doing all that you're saying of course.

BTW, I have Textual (macOS), Igloo (iOS), Irssi, WeeChat, HexChat, AdiIRC and mIRC configured with this ZNC and they all work fine, the host is fine.

Separate question, on "User modes" do I enter +i or i? If I want more do I separate them with a comma?

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