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Wikipedia link generator?


I just recently discovered Foobar a few days ago, and it's really nice!

I was wondering if there exists a component that simply generates a search link or direct link to a song's page on Wikipedia. Same for artist page and album page. If there is no such thing I will probably end up making it if I can get around to downloading the SDK.

It would also be useful to have a component that generates links to the site

Maybe it would even be possible to create a universal link generator where one would specify the rules, meaning you could generate a link to any site. That would be awesome.

Re: Wikipedia link generator?

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Just as an example to start off with, this is the titleformatting I'm using for the wikipedia artist search
Code: [Select]$replace(%artist%, ,'%20',&,'%26') 

It doesn't always work, though, maybe someone else has a better code.
I'm late

Re: Wikipedia link generator?

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It's a very big if but IF your files are tagged with a musicbrainz artist id, I have a script that will fetch all known links from musicbrainz and display them inside a panel. Obviously the links are clickable.


How many links you get will depend on the popularity of the artist amongst the people who contribute to musicbrainz. Everything is added by hand.

Script installation notes are here:

edit: By default, the script will display the artist's releases. You need to right click the panel select Links.

Re: Wikipedia link generator?

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Nice. Thanks for the tips. I tried the foo_run component. Does the job well.

Is it possible to add buttons in any way, without delving into the SDK? I would prefer to have a button ready for me to click and go to wikipedia.  :)


Re: Wikipedia link generator?

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Just right click any existing set of default UI/columns UI buttons and you can create a new button and bind it the context command provided by foo_run.

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