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CUETools / TAGS not readable on HD
Last post by Adil -
Hi there.

When I convert a CD image (CUE/FLAC) to .flac tracks, CUETools (v2.1.9) doesn't print the tags to the files. foobar2000 can see the tags, but they are not visible on the hard disk.

When I do the same conversion using foobar2000, the tags are visible correctly, both on the hard disk and on the player itself.
General Audio / Re: LABEL / PUBLISHER
Last post by j7n -
LABEL is free from translation imposed by various players. The field will always read "Label" irrespective of the format and not "Organisation", "Publisher" or "Tpub", which simplifies scripting. Catalog is for a number (either human readable or barcode), not the name.
CUETools / Re: cuetools not reparing despite much better db entry
Last post by brainchild -
Full logs only please.
How *exactly* did you initiate the repair? (input path, etc.)
There are no popup windows in batch modes. Make sure there was only one rip selected.

The report indeed came from a batch operation. I expected the prompts to appear in sequence, just as one would appear individually for a single selection. It is helpful to understand this difference. (In fact, there were popup windows, if you include the prompts for replacing existing files.)

I have a handful of rips similar to the one from the report I have shown. They each have a single match, which I am nearly certain came from my earlier extraction operation. It is straightforward that I would prefer to repair to the value with the higher count of matches. Is a batch operation possible with this effect?
General - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar UI responsiveness in Play/Pause mode vs Stopped
Last post by snotlicker -
Pretty sure all panels in other presets are simply saved as part on the configuration. They aren't live and shouldn't respond to anything.

I tested with JSP just now but you can put the same code in SMP if you want...

Code: [Select]
function on_item_focus_change() {
var metadb = fb.GetFocusItem();
if (metadb) console.log(metadb.Path);

When the preset is active, it will output the path of any new playlist item you select. Now switch to a new preset not containing this panel and nothing happens.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar media library listing broken all of a sudden
Last post by Balduranne -
maybe try and change the 'view' dropdown menu on the left of your layout (right below your circle #2 in the first attached screenshot) from 'by artist/album' to 'by artist' or 'by album' and see what happens...
Setting it by folder structure is exactly how I wanted it and had it before. I must have been exhausted one evening and changed that without registering. Didn't even notice that was there... D'oh!
Cheers, I'm glad it was that simple.
General Audio / LABEL / PUBLISHER
Last post by Adil -
Hi there.

I am organizing a vast audio file library using foobar2000 and am confused about which tag to keep to specify the "stamp" of discs eg: Vertigo, Warner Bros. Recording, Castle Communications, etc...

I've already researched it from several sources, but I'm still confused. What is the difference between "Publisher" and "Label"? And which one should I keep to label the above information?

Thanks in advance.
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