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Display Artwork with conditions


I'm new to Foobar, and I was wondering if it was possible to display an image on a single panel, depending on the song.

Let me explain.
if a song has for example a single image and also an album image, I want the panel to display the single image first.
and if there is no single image, display the album image.
Is it possible to do this?

Re: Display Artwork with conditions

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I believe so, but are you talking about external or embedded art?

For external is easy, go to Preferences > Display, under Front Cover tab, and give the single image source precedence (the first image found is used) - so for example move %filename%.jpg to top of the list. So, if the image is in the same folder with the same name as the media file, it should find that image first.

For embedded, I'm not so sure. You might need to use a mix of embedded and external. For example, the album image could be external "Cover.jpg" in the folder, while you could embed the single image to one track, in right-click Properties > Artwork tab. Then set in Preferences > Advanced > Display > Album Art to 'Prefer Embedded', and it should use embedded image if it exists. Or do that vice-versa, 'Prefer External', and place single image in the folder.

This should all work with the built-in album art viewer, but there are also JS ones that can cycle multiple images.


Re: Display Artwork with conditions

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Thanks for your response