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Topic: FooBar2000 crashes in general with or without playing anything (Read 247 times) previous topic - next topic
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FooBar2000 crashes in general with or without playing anything

I've been getting weird instances of crashes since 2.0 beta 18, I don't know if this is related to the caching tags to memory fix, but it still happens even with beta 24 and the advanced option 'low-memory mode' enabled. I'm not really stressed with memory (16GB) and don't have slow storage or too little storage space (a little under 4TB of total storage, two being 500GB NVMe M.2's, one being a 1TB SATA SSD, and a 2TB SATA HDD). I've looked in the crash logs and found this:

Crash location:
Module: dxgi
Offset: 6E1F3h
Symbol: "DXGIGetDebugInterface1" (+DA43h)

If I remember correctly, it's something to do with the hardware acceleration, I've already turned off every system setting and graphics setting I can think might interfere, but never heard of an issue like this before, I'm gonna try to see if disabling hardware acceleration fixes the issue. Also I don't know if this could also be the case, but I'm running the 32-bit version of the beta for backwards compatibility for most of my components, windows is known in the past for broken backwards-compatibility for 32-bit games running on a 64-bit system...


Re: FooBar2000 crashes in general with or without playing anything

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4 hours and it still hasn't crashed with hardware acceleration disabled, usually crashes randomly between 30 minutes to an hour. I even let my computer go into standby mode (my video output turned off because my GPU went to sleep) because I fell asleep in the middle of the day (couldn't sleep last night, ugh...), seems to crash more often around that point previously.