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Ogg Vorbis - General / Car Radio - OGG Vorbis Support?
Last post by sanskrit44 -
i am looking for a car radio supporting the ogg vorbis codec but have not found an up to date device so far. i know that vorbis support is not very common these days and often it is not mentioned or promoted, even though the device is capable of playing back ogg files.

do you have some recommendations for me?

p.s.: is it true that kenwood devices support ogg?
Last post by saratoga -
I don’t know what is happening with a new MPEG audio standards during last 10 years but none of them see any meaningful adoption. It’s not my concern or of my interests. Not anymore.

The founder and chairman of MPEG had a recent blog post where he discussed the implosion of MPEG's model:

His conclusion is surprisingly negative about the future of MPEG video standards, but his argument applies even more so to audio. Just as VP9 and it's successors are replacing h.265/hevc, xiph and it's formats will probably displace newer AAC variants in most applications.
Audio Hardware / Re: Looking for a simple stereo DAC
Last post by pelmazo -
It seems to me that there's an amount of confusion reigning here regarding what the measures actually mean.

Firstly, the nominal line level isn't related to full scale. So the consumer line level of -10dBV is not supposed to correspond to dBFS on the digital side. In the old days before the loudness war, a digital playback source was intended to have considerable headroom, something around 12 dB, assuming that a digital recording would produce somewhere around -10dBV when playing back a nominal level of -12 dBFS. This was intended to produce similar playback levels between CD sources, FM sources or cassette sources.

Eventually, the levels have been consolidated into ISO/IEC 61938, which says that the nominal level is 500 mV (-6 dBV), while the maximum level is 2 V (+6 dBV). The maximum level corresponds to full scale on a digital source. There is also a minimal level at 200 mV, which has minor significance; it is intended to mean a minimum practical nominal line level that a device ought to be able to expect. Note that -10dBV is somewhere in between. Take this as a hint that levels are fairly weakly standardised.

Nevertheless, even the weak standard is widely being ignored.

For the discussion, at the very least you should distinguish between nominal and maximum level, as there is a difference of typically 12 dB between the two. If you are talking full scale, it is going to be the maximum level.

Furthermore, when looking at the data sheet of the PCM1794, you must notice that it has current outputs. Hence there is no nominal output voltage with this DAC. It is purely defined by the external circuitry that comes after the DAC. Depending on its design, almost any desired output level can be achieved.
Last post by IgorC -
I’ve lost all interest in xHE-AAC/USAC or in any new MPEG audio standard a long time ago.

Let’s see. MP3, LC-AAC, HE-AACv1 and HE-AACv2 are great. They really are. But then something has happened.
MPEG Surround (standard since 2007) hadn’t see any adoption and now it’s superseded by a new standard (MPEG-H 3D Audio). Just think about it. A whole standard was skipped.  :-\  When people needed most of it during 2007 -2015.

What about xHE-AAC. Is it doing any better than MPEG Surround?  Well, actually it isn’t.
Both xHE-AAC and Opus were released as standards in 2012.
We are seeing  growing support for Opus Right now the index of support is 78%. It will easily hit 90%+ in 1 year.
All members of a “big-four” (Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla) support Opus. And none of them support xHE-AAC. It’s the easiest victory I've ever seen.
And who guarantees that MPEG-H 3D Audio won’t replace xHE-AAC as a superset of it per completely? (as it has happened with MPEG Surround.)

I don’t know what is happening with a new MPEG audio standards during last 10 years but none of them see any meaningful adoption. It’s not my concern or of my interests. Not anymore.

P.S. What in the earth decodes/plays xHE-AAC files if such exists? Leave alone an idea to find an acceptable encoder for that. I won't install VM iOS and pay 5$ for some software which is literally unique program in a whole world which support xHE-AAC. 
General - (fb2k) / Graphical timeline: has anybody created one?
Last post by fabiospark -
I'm putting a bit of time and effort in adding the correct "creation" date
to every sigle piece of classical music I have, and I'm wondering if anybody
had developed a graphical interface to select tracks through their creation date.

If so, I kindly ask them to share their system.

General - (fb2k) / Re: Illegal filename characters replacement
Last post by Porcus -
Just a side remark, if you would replace the characters in the actual tags (with Masstagger) I think it would always work. To me the auto-replace in filenames is OK.

Yes, searching for "/" will match the full-width character also. So if you do replace it in tags ...

... then it might possibly cause issues to other applications. But maybe not so much if this is due to some Windows functionality.
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