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MPC / Re: MusePack support on Android (foobar2000)
Last post by Peter -
Android filesystem is a giant pain in the ***.

I spent countless dev hours on this, comparable only to Windows Phone nonsense. It's like they've been learning from Windows Phone, only making things even lamer.

I can only recommend using 'foobar2000 music folder' for all your media, which resides in foobar2000 profile (which means, gets deleted with removal of foobar2000 and cannot be managed with other apps). It's free of all these annoyances and doesn't require ridiculously complex Java code on my end to access.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Default UI Gallery
Last post by Gabohar -
This the current version 2.0 of my Foobar2000 UltraWide DUI Dark Theme, to achieve the total black I patched and then installed a Windows Theme (as in this sub adviced to do) called "Fluent" by Niivu. I searched a lot for a theme that match with the "dark & blue" palette that I have for a long time. I also took the opportunity to improve the organization of the content that displays on my Foobar theme.

Components shown:

- Album Art
- Deskband Controls
- Facets
- On-Screen Display
- OpenLyrics
- Shpeck with MilkDrop 2 for Visualizations
- SimPlaylist
- Spectrum Analyzer
- Spider Monkey Panel with Biography script
- Text Display
- Waveform Minibar (mod)

(*) In this version I used the complement Text Display (foo_textdisplay) to incorporate more info near the Waveform Minibar and a "now playing" section, I used some little strings and unicode symbols for a better looking. I followed this post and applied more tittle formatting functions and field references to show more metadata too.

(**) The only issue that I have is when the playback stops and if is none track selected, the "now playing" section shows only question marks (?). I would like that this section shows may be signs like (-) or (Nothing selected) or (None), to say something more right or standard.

(***) For who is interested in how I achieved to center the playing time and the playing time remaining in perspective with Waveform Minibar (mod), in this image you can see the splitters and the empty boxes of Text Display that served me to adjust the height of the numbers.
Validated News / Re: WavPack 5.5.0 Released
Last post by Aleron Ives -
In ye olde Netscape/Mozilla days, Shift + Reload was supposed to mean "reload without using the cache". I don't know how many browsers obey that convention, but it still works in SeaMonkey. :)
foobar2000 mobile / [feature request] Equalizer options
Last post by FreeW -
Hi, I appreciate a lot Foobar2000 on my mobile phone.
I am using extensively the equalizer  in order to "linearize" the frequency response of my headphones, external portable speakers or even sometimes, the awful buzzy speaker of the mobile itself !

The problem is that when you are using lots of different speaker devices, there is no way to memorize your own EQ presets.
It's a big pain to change everytime the settings, because there are a lot of bands to change !

- Would it be possible to add a custom preset saving feature ?
- would it be also possible to let the user chosing between 3 bands / 15 bands / 31 bands / 62 bands ?
Only few bands are needed for people who are not sound specialists, but 31 or even 62 bands would be very appreciated for guys with "golden ears" ;)
- my ultimate dream would have been to get a secondary equalizer set of 31 or 62 bands (maybe only available if chosing an advanced EQ mode) in order to help the sound of some badly mastered albums without having to change the settings of the first equalizer that would have been dedicated only to speaker imperfections (resonances) and acoustic placement compensations.

The preset saving feature is probably the urgent one (and I know I'm not the only one to ask for this !), chosing the number of bands would be also a great plus (for begginners AND audio pro guys like me), and getting a secondary equalizer would be the ultimate thing !

Thanks a lot in advance for the development team !

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_sqlite
Last post by stevehero -
I think the case insensitive already works as it's picking up andhim and Andhim but slight problem.

The query I posted above duplicates the same file twice in the created playlist.

Edit, silly me. I clicked twice on the query and it added them again.

Is there a way around this, without the need to remove duplicates from the Edit menu? See my settings for this.

Edit 2: Send to playlist fixed that. Sorry for that.