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Open Source OptimFROG decoder/demuxer

Planned to be worked on, first fast only mode, newest variant and if anything goes smooth more modes and variants will be available.
Drawback of this codec is huge single packets spanning several seconds of audio.
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Re: Open Source OptimFROG decoder/demuxer

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OptimFROG has not been updated for a very long time so this is good news. The original development has probably stopped? The homepage was last updated 2022-03-04.
No new versions of the encoder have been released since 2016/2017 it seems. I hope you've tried to get in touch with the author on this one if a permission is needed, though.
A FFMPEG OptimFROG decoder/demuxer would have been awesome. It's a pity that files created with this encoder are still unsupported by most media players.