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Gnudb change of policy (

Gnu took over freedb's database, and have run it for a couple of years, hats off to them.

However they recently changed policy (last few days), requiring all users to supply their email to lookup discs. This we do not agree with 100%, either you have a free service (like AccurateRip, it is free and has no restrictions), or you go commercial.

We have started to see lookups with messages informing the user to supply their email address, which has lots of issues as far as GDPR and other privacy issues.

Gnudb is actually biting the hand which feeds it, their database will mainly be populated by EAC and dBpoweramp, if needs be we will put up a freedb server from the archives we have and switch over to it, and urge EAC to follow suit.

Re: Gnudb change of policy

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I agree, the change of policy is unacceptable. Too many electronic services are invading privacy and the advertisements are littering the web with garbage. Giving an email address is surely a gateway to spam nowadays with the potential to profile users on their music. In the past politicians would use a type of music to attack and label the listeners.
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Re: Gnudb change of policy

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As far as I remember, you had to enter e-mail adress into ex freedb, too. I always put fake one, like "" and used it. What has changed?

Re: Gnudb change of policy

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The email requirement was for submissions only, to email if the submission was rejected.

Re: Gnudb change of policy

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Have a read of:

"We grant You a limited license to access and make personal use of the gnudb and not to download or modify it, or any portion of it, except with Our express written consent. This license does not include commercial use of, including its contents, or any derivative use of the, including its contents, or any use of data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools."

It is very different to freedb, that had open community data, this is a closed off system.

Re: Gnudb change of policy

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Ok we create a new freedb database, one that is going to be free and remain free.

Re: Gnudb change of policy

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Interesting. I ran into this for the first time yesterday when installing fre:ac. My email required for Gnudb lookups and submissions. It's interesting that EAC works against the same database using a fake email; maybe because it was set up some time ago.

Please post when new freedb location is available. Thanks.

Re: Gnudb change of policy

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Not long ago, gnudb also broke default foobar2000 settings, banning queries with email (the default).

Worse yet, "banning" didn't result in HTTP 403 or alike, instead it returned nonsensical information - malformed track list, not even matching requested track count, with messages about requiring valid email address.

Whoever has been put in charge of this is either incompetent or outright malicious, not having tried contacting authors of affected apps prior to banning thousands of users.
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Re: Gnudb change of policy

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Their website says the following about it:

Unfortunately, times have changed, and there are now instances of individuals accessing the database with anonymous or fake email addresses. Additionally, there are programs accessing the gnudb database without the user's knowledge, neglecting to credit for providing free access to the data. When users are unaware of the data's origin, they may not realize that it originates from, which relies on donations to sustain its operations. This lack of recognition could jeopardize the future availability of the data.

Among these programs, some do not offer users the option to submit data to While it would be acceptable for these programs to donate to, only a few actually do so, and we extend our gratitude to them. If the use of continues to grow among programs that do not contribute to the community, either through data submission or donations, there is a risk that may restrict access for those who are not active participants in the community.

To address these concerns, we will begin by requesting users to provide a valid email address.

So, apparently this is to get more people to donate.
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Re: Gnudb change of policy

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We offered them free hosting for life day before yesterday, they responded by blocking dBpoweramp.

Given that the last 4 years worth of submissions from dBpoweramp, and EAC have gone locked into this walled garden, I am sorry did not pickup on the change of direction for the site, look at their message when they took over 4 years back. We aim to right this walled garden, freedb started as a community site, and needs to remain so, so we will make it happen.

To be honest, people who submit to freedb and now gnudb have been getting a worse and worse deal as time goes on, as the goal posts shift (for those not in the know, freedb became CDDB, which was the basis for gracenote).

Re: Gnudb change of policy (

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Gnu took over freedb's database, and have run it for a couple of years, hats off to them.

Tangential to the intent of this thread but, as far as I know, gnudb is not related to the GNU project in any way.

Re: Gnudb change of policy (

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Honest question, how much is in gnudb now, that isn't in MusicBrainz?

At this stage:
 * Is there a point in linking up CD TOCs tighter to the AccurateRip database, CUEToolsDB and MusicBrainz?
 * ... and, providing player plug-ins where users can mass-submit, and some half-intelligent way to distill out sane submissions?

Re: Gnudb change of policy (

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Yes we can remove disc collisions for freedb going forward.

CD Ripper is able to fill the blanks in the database, freedb is basically filled by only 2 programs, EAC and dBpoweramp, when looking at the old stats for freedb. I try to get EAC onboard, but Andre has not posted anything in years, I try to bring him out of retirement.

Re: Gnudb change of policy (

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Gnu took over freedb's database, and have run it for a couple of years, hats off to them.

Tangential to the intent of this thread but, as far as I know, gnudb is not related to the GNU project in any way.

Seems like it: is operated by me as an individual.
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