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Foobar 0.9.5 theme

I am looking for a nice theme for Foobar2000 0.9.5.
Who want to share his/her's creation? 


Foobar 0.9.5 theme

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New Default UI is very flexible. Take paper, pen and draw a layout you want. Then open scratchbox and create it

As for me, I'm using plain, simple and tolerant to my eyes (bright themes tire me) theme. Standard color theme + my objects placement.

The main thing I'm concentrating on is organising my tags. Without that any theme with grouping will become just a mess. IMHO this is the first thing to be concerned of. After that creating your own fancy and/or clear theme is a very simple task.

PS: I understand I haven't answered your question, but I hope I gave you insights that will help you create your own unique and personal theme.
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