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General Audio / Re: Questions on "loudness wars" and/or bad CD engineering - doing a FLAClibrary
Last post by mitchco -
I've read the term "pump" being used here and elsewhere and it certainly describes the gawd-awful artifact that I find so irritating, but I don't know enough of the vocabulary to identify it in a way others readily understand.

Is there a primer on the common vocabulary used for this stuff?

Thanks for your patience!

Ex recording/mixing engineer here. I wrote an article on this with some definitions and a few listening samples at:

While folks have made references to declipping tools and can help, the sad reality is that over compression/limiting can occur at all stages of recording, mixing, mastering... Even on every individual multi-track channel, going to tape, plus tape compression, and coming back from tape for mixing, each with different compression ratios, attack, release times, plus on sub groups, plus on the overall 2 channel mix, let alone mastering or remastering... Impossible to undo the damage done... The best one can hope for is an older recording that has not succumbed to the loudness war, but if it is new material... Good sounding quality recordings, mixes and masters have become a lost art over the past 25 years :-(

General Audio / Re: Arnold B. Krueger RIP
Last post by krabapple -
All the way back to* days, he indefatigably fought the good fight against rampant audio nonsense.

R.I.P. Arny, you magnificent bastard.   I'll miss you.
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