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“Oscilloscope” visualization delay and random crashes

Good afternoon. I want to report some weird behaviour of my foobar2000 installation I have noticed recently.

I enabled layout editing mode and started editing the player appearance - just wanted to add album art and some visualization. I use “Default User Interface” and usually prefer the “Spectrum” visualization, but that night I decided to try out the “Oscilloscope” visualization. Then I started playback of random file and started switching some options of the visualization, like scope zoom, curve duration and channel downmix mode – and when I enabled “Downmix Channels”, foobar2000 suddenly closed (crashed) and suggested me to send a bug report.

I have repeated these actions a few times in order to realize it (probably) was a bug. Sometimes the visualization was starting with a big delay - around 10 seconds, and sometimes it caused to foobar2000 crash. foobar2000 was also crashing if I enabled “Downmix Channels” mode and set high “Curve duration” value. “Hardware acceleration” has been enabled by me in “advanced” program options – I turned it off, and the player stopped crashing, but the visualization stopped being smooth and high-quality. I have also been trying to reproduce the “bug” with other visualizations, but it looks like only the “Oscilloscope” visualization is affected.

My foobar2000 version is 2.1.5 (x64) - the latest version at the moment of writing this forum message. I have also tested 2.2 preview 2024-07-07 (x64 too) version and... successfully made it crash too. No third-party components are installed except OpenMPT decoder from Peter Pawlowski (used rarely). My working OS is Windows 10 22H2 (x64).

I will be very thankful for any help and reply from developers. See the attached files for the further details. Sorry for some errors in my message if there are; English is not my native language.

Best wishes.