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3 30 second vinyl samples

the rar contains
A1 - DJ Wolfe Feat Mic Man (0m 30s).mp3
B1 - 1000001 Style (0m 30s).mp3
01 A - Blood & Fire Vocal (0m 30s).mp3

they were recorded using audacity using one of these decks. i dont declick/remove noise due to lazyness (i also dont mind a bit of light noise/clicking). all mp3's were transcoded from flac files but i could not find a freeware tool to cut samples from flac, atleast with this bunch of samples they dont seem to click at the start. thanks for any feedback, i will also post a copy of this and a link to the file in the ripping vinyl thread thats running atm.[attachment=1733:attachment]

3 30 second vinyl samples

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Sounds good to me.

3 30 second vinyl samples

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here is anoter sample in flac format this time. it's the cd version of blood and fire as the name suggest and was ripped from this cd. i meant to include a sample of the cd version in the rar i uploaded but forgot, sorry about that.[attachment=1738:attachment]