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new Muvo2 pages from webcache

These links have now been taken down now.. the thing is the pictures of the units to look legit so hopefully these devices do exist.. the prices always looked wrong betwen the two... but if they are solid state they'll fit a niche quite nicely...

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new Muvo2 pages from webcache

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What exactly is this supposed to be?  The mirrored content of some webpage about a product?  I don't think this is really appropriate for the kind of uploads that should be used here.  For one thing, mirroring content off another page brings up issues of copyrighted content and the legality of redistributing some of this.

On top of all of this, your .zip appears to be corrupt or something.

I'm taking the attachment offline for now.  If you want to simply upload pictures of the devices, that's probably fine though.

new Muvo2 pages from webcache

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sorry about that... it shouldn't be corrupt but i did wonder about whether it was ok or not.. I am assuming that it being taken offline on their site is cause they made an error... Creative haven't announced this thing and yet there it was for sale (albiet from the end of September) .. the other bizarre thing was the price which is the same for the 512meg and the 1.5gig which didn't make sense at all

Just the pics are uploaded above.. concerned it got corrupted.. hope these are ok..