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Comparing two linear phase eq

I  wanted to compare the "performance" of two different commercial eq in linear phase mode.

Unfortunately from one eq to an other, the settings does not behave exactly the same.
So to get around this problem I  used the vst analyzer from Christian Budde , and tweaked the settings so that 
we get a same frequency response for both eq (or quite similar).

So I've uploaded  :
the unmodified snippet : "snippet normal.flac"
one with bass boost in linear phase mode with fab filter pro Q (setting "maximum latency") : "snippet - LP fab filter pro q.flac"
one with bass boost in linear phase mode with Electri-Q: "snippet - LP  electri q.flac"
bonus : bass boost in minmum phase mode, with fab filter pro Q : "snippet - min phase.flac".

I've done the eq processing both inside foobar, using the command "convert".

Fab Filter pro Q, bell at 40 hz, boost of 6 db, Q= 1
Electri-Q, bell at 40 hz,  boost of 6.2 db ,  BW=1.9

I  failed at the ABX  test (for both eq in LP mode) , but I  thought someone might have more "discerning" ears than me.