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In what form do you want to exactly show that BPM? Where, in which place? I created myself a custom column named BPM with code $meta(BPM) (Preferences / Display / Default User Interface / Playlist View) . Of course in my case in plugin config I have chosen to write BPM values to tag called simply BPM. If you call it TEMPO you just replace my BPM with TEMPO in code for column. You can try use also %bpm% or %tempo% but I am not sure if it will work or not. Reading tags (function $meta( ) will always work. You can put it also into your status bar or window title bar (Preferences / Display / Default User Interface / fields "Window title", and "Status bar").

But if you want just that manual tap button to be visible all the time, then I am afraid that you have no option to do that. Easiest way to access it would be to bind a keybaord shortcut to appear that button on request or to bind kb shortcut to execute automatic BPM calculation process (Preferences / Keyboard shortcuts, look for "[context] / BPM Detection" and its subsequent commands).

Remember that in Preferences / Display / Context Menu you can also edit commands that you have under right mouse button (choose them with checkboxes). You can remove those unnecessary for you and keep there only functions like manual and automatic BPM calculation (section "BPM Detection)...
I would need for it to show within FooBar2000 continuously for BPM organization.  I have over 10,000 songs within my library.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_wave_seekbar
Last post by Case -
Got email this morning that the file was found to be clean and databases are fixed.
General A/V / Re: "Lazy" playback start from AV receiver
Last post by Chibisteven -
There is an DSP plug-in made by Case especially for that slow initialing digital Receivers. Just install it, place it in your foobar2000 DSP-Chain and be happy. Download it at

Does it work with WASAPI?

Yes, it does.  I use it when using WASAPI Exclusive Mode.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_softplaylists
Last post by tipar -
Hi, can you pass me the code of this one so I can try to fix the create TAG playlist?
FLAC / Re: CUETools DB Plugin Error: Ripping with Eac - HELP!
Last post by Gregory S. Chudov -
Ok i think i got it this time :) Had to add a direct reference to "Microsoft.Xml.Serialization.GeneratedAssembly.CTDBResponseSerializer()" instead of creating 'XmlSerializer(typeof(CTDBResponse))'.
Support - (fb2k) / WEBM radio streams not supported?
Last post by sveakul -
Using FB2K 1.3.17 on Windows 7SP1:

While .webm wrapped files will play, trying to play this WEBM radio stream fails with the error "Unable to open item for playback (Object is not seekable)":

Adding the extension to the FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper with a http://*.webm  mask also fails with same error.  The same stream plays fine on Winamp when sending the WEBM extension to the in_ffsox.dll plugin, which uses FFmpeg (codec used shows as vorbis).  Thanks for any insight!
I've gotten many MP3 files with ID3v1 and sometimes ID3v2 tags written in an 8-bit character encoding with non-ASCII characters.

How do I specify this encoding in fb2k so that these tags could be read and displayed correctly?

Fb2k assumes some default codepage for decoding the characters. Maybe even takes this from system settings for the fallback ANSI codepage. However, these files were not written on my system, so this does not match. Would be nice to be able to specify the character encoding rules (probably, on per-folder basis, as the codepages actually vary, got at least Western European and Cyrillic). A less convenient solution would be to rewrite the files with Unicode tags — here the problem would be with readonly media like CD or network drives, for which reading the files with the specific encoding would do the trick but the modification might be complex or impossible. However, any advice on the tooling fit for the purpose (read 8-bit tags in a specific encoding and rewrite in Unicode) is also welcome.
General Audio / Re: Dare I start another vinyl topic?
Last post by AndyH-ha -
Originally magnetic tape and phonograph records were all that was available (to most people, to me, at least). The noise bothered me on many LPs, and the tape hiss on many tapes. The wow and flutter on many cassettes was more unpleasant. An expensive enough tape deck brought that later under reasonable control but such equipment was beyond the economics of a great many people. I began collecting CDs a couple or so years after they came on the market. There was much to prefer over most of my LPs, as far as the majority of the CDs  I selected were concerned.

Quite a few years later I learned the idea of transferring LPs to digital, then cleaning out some significant part of the noise. After working on my old collection, I started buying used LPs. That was when I discovered their true value.

The recording equipment wasn't as good in the pre-digital days but the art of recording was well advanced, practically perfected by turn of the last century. There have been many great performers for long before that. Mastering practices were, for the most part, much more to my taste than the models used during the last twenty five years.

This produced a bounty of so many thousands of used recordings to choose from, recordings I never could have afforded otherwise, a trainload of marvelous music of many different genres I never would have heard otherwise. That was the true value of vinyl in my life, so much affordable experience and music not hammered to death with the modern mastering approach.
General Audio / Re: Setting up speakers in room
Last post by JFS -
Thanks for the link. I found a video on youtube to help with positioning the speakers as well:
The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel

Now I'm trying to figure out what size of speakers I will want for my listening area. I will probably set them up 4.5' to 6' apart. Will it matter what the room size is? What kind of speakers will be good for this listening position?

General Audio / Re: Dare I start another vinyl topic?
Last post by andy o -
I've been (unfairly, IMO) accused of various things on this forum, such as a "vinyl apologist", and a "placebophile". Let me make my position absolutely clear: I am neither a vinylphile nor a vinylphobe.
From my (similar but not the same) not-giving-a-crap-either-way point of view, this seems like playing the middle and a false equivalence. Like so many other things nowadays, one "side" seems to be making the outrageous claims and the other "side" seems to just be reacting to the insanity. I would concede that you can place Mr. Science and Reason Warrior, our Dear OP of that other thread, in the "phobe" camp, but that's just him and you can see how it backfired on him.

I understand and acknowledge the technical limitations of vinyl, and yet I can enjoy listening to it. Despite its manifest flaws, I happen to think that vinyl can sound pretty damn good in a normal domestic listening situation.
I don't think most of the vinyl "haters" here would disagree with that. Seems like you're setting up a straw man here.

I want to hear from those who hate vinyl exactly what it is that they find so objectionable. Is it just the surface noise (what I call "vinyl roar") and the ticks & pops? Or do some of the other inaccuracies (eg. frequency response, distortion, crosstalk, wow & flutter) make vinyl unlistenable?

To put it another way, if you heard some vinyl that had no audible ticks, pops or surface noise, how confident are you that you would be able to identify it as vinyl?
I don't think that's the issue, the issue is that it's so difficult to get no audible ticks, pops or surface noise in the first place, compared to digital. There is just no contest.