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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Mark recently added album as 'NEW'
Last post by anamorphic -
Hi there,

Yes it is possible, although I use Default UI and Facets for this and I just put an icon next to newly added albums.

(However I'm not sure the second component below works with Columns UI? Try it and see. CUI might have its own global variables with current date info as someone mentioned here that you could use instead. I'm not familiar enough with CUI to know how that works so someone else might help there)

Firstly you need foo_playcount (Playback Statistics) which adds the %added% field (date added to the library). Note, if you do not have this component already, the %added% dates for EVERY track will be the same the first time you install it - see documentation here. Once you add new tracks the field will be correct going forward.

Secondly, I think default foobar does not have a way to access the current date/time (like a $now() function), so for that get foo_dynfil (Dynamic Fields). Install as usual. In foobar File menu > Preferences > Media Library > Dynamic Fields, click the plus button and name the field "new" (without quotes), click OK, then under 'Title formatting expression' put -
Code: [Select]
Then click OK and I think you have to restart foobar at this point.

Finally just add this bit of title formatting to your Album List (File > Preferences > Media Library > Album List > Views) or (Facets > Columns), I personally put it after the %album% field -
Code: [Select]
%album%$ifgreater(%_new%,30,,  $char(57803))
The number '30' is how many days you want it to be considered "new". The '$char(57803)' part is the icon / font symbol I use from Segoe UI Symbol font (looks like a little tag, like on new clothes :D ), you can replace that with just "NEW" if you want although using an icon is more eye catching. If you want a different icon or use a different font, you could pick one from this handy page, click one to copy and paste. Lastly, note that if you swap %album% for %artist% the view will split the artist into two entries (old tracks and new tracks), this is why I use %album% instead as it can only be one or the other, but your choice.

Side note: I use a similar code to tag icons on to Podcasts, Music Videos, Internet Radio streams, etc -
Code: [Select]
%<genre>%$if($strstr(%genre%,Podcast),  $char(57814),)

Cheers 8)
General - (fb2k) / Re: Reading codec info in some video files
Last post by wcs13 -
OK, so your method works :) There is just one small problem that needs to be fixed before I can launch the big operation.

About 7 files out of the 3505 generate problems (I hope I haven't missed anything) :
- 676 : "Invalid TIFF header as EXIF data" => 676.txt is still OK, I have checked
- 1416 : "SEI type 5 size 5544 truncated at 5531" => 1416.txt is still OK
- 2159 : "Invalid frame dimensions 0x0" => 2159.txt has 3 lines : 1280x720, then an empty line, then again 1280x720
- 2383 : "Invalid frame dimensions 0x0" => 2383.txt has 3 lines : 1280x720, then an empty line, then again 1280x720
- 3379 : "Invalid frame dimensions 0x0" => 3379.txt has 3 lines : 1920x1080, then an empty line, then again 1920x1080
- 3388 : "Invalid frame dimensions 0x0" => 3388.txt has 3 lines : 1920x1080, then an empty line, then again 1920x1080
- 3416 : "No frame!" => 3416.txt is still OK

So maybe in your code, we should check if the error is "Invalid frame dimensions 0x0", and make sure the resulting .txt file still has only one line, not three.
Because the "out.txt" file needs to have exactly 3505 lines, no more, no less.
Could you help me with that please ?
General - (fb2k) / Re: [Minor UI Glitch] Tab Label's Text
Last post by anamorphic -
I had a look at mine with Segoe UI and nothing is cut off, I can see the bottom of the 'g' correctly on a non-active tab.

As a point of comparison, my Windows display scaling is 125% and I'm on Windows 10 v1803, and Segoe UI Regular font is version 5.55. I wonder if it might be the same issue that is effecting rating stars on 1809 or at least a similar glitch that was introduced.

General - (fb2k) / Re: [Minor UI Glitch] Tab Label's Text
Last post by Peter -
Bug confirmed, thanks for reporting.

However, it's not foobar2000 that is to blame, it's the standard Windows tab control which handles the text display and truncates the bottom of your letters - verified with other instances of the tab control. Any other app using the standard tab control will get the same bug.

I'll see if there's some way to work around (short of inventing own tab control....) this but don't keep your hopes up.
Scientific Discussion / Re: Parametric EQ for Linux
Last post by jsdyson -
This will only work for those who are highly technically inclined, and understand the behavior of filters.  If the techie just wants to 'equalize' certain files -- or even process some files with equalization, they can use sox in the same way that I use all of the time -- like this:

sox --guard infile.wav outfile.wav equalizer hz0 gain0 q0 equalizer hz1 gain1 q1 equalizer hz3 gain3 q3 ....  highpass -2 lfhz lfq lowpass -2 hfhz hfq

The above does a group of parametric-like curves, and then a lf and hf boundary.  The --guard switch helps to avoid clipping if too much gain is specified.   here would be a more concrete example:

sox --guard infile.wav outfile.wav equalizer 50 1.4q 3 equalizer 9k 0.707q -3 highpass -2 20 0.707q lowpass -2 16.5k 1.0q

The above is fairly obvious -- +3dB@50Hz 1.4q, -3dB@9k 0.707q,  LF monotonic (0.707q is monotonic) rolloff at 20Hz, and a peaky rolloff at 16.5kHz (a q=1.0 means a dB or so boost at 16.5kHz, but a quick rolloff after that.)
There is also a bass/treble shelf command:  bass dB hz q.   So, if you want to do a monotonic bass boost of 3dB at around  320Hz, the specify a q of 0.707.   (for a 2nd order filter, a q of 0.707 is butterworth.  A bessel approximation is about 0.500 q.)

The same kind of thing works with the sox based play command:

play infile.wav equalizer 50 1.4q 3.0

(Any of the frequency modification commands work with 'play' also)
There is also a 'sinc' command which does a simple FIR style filter, which can give linear or minimum phase, and can be very sharp without extreme modification of the waveform.


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