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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by Case -
Test versions taken down as I released a new version with the changes. The file move issue Porcus reported with folder tags also affected APE tags so that was fixed too. Only other change from the third test version is that "Edit file tags" menu isn't shown when only selecting streams or archives.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by fuffi -
Hmm. Ok, The Release Date from the "webgui" =>
shows "2008-16-12".

How can I see the invalid date, like you see it? 8-)
year 2008, month 16, day 12.
OMG... thank you. I fixed the release date.

Just another note to:

Oh, thats not a good fix. Now, every second or third release will not open.
Some [M]aster releases do not open after some hours of work with tagging music with the fine component.
Foobar2000 restart is necessary to open the Master Release (and show all the releases) again.

For my testing I used "Figub Brazlevi─Ź" as artists and "Audiodope" as Filter.

The two shown results were
[M] Audiodope 02, 2013
[M] Audiodope 03, 2016
but the first (Audiodope 02, 2013) couldnt be opened.

(I guess its hard to reproduce as it worked fine after some tests, the glitch came after some hours of tagging...)
Vinyl / Re: 192/32 needed for digitized vinyl to sound as analogue as possible
Last post by BrilliantBob -
If I take a look closer to my new Cds (EAC accurately ripped and so on), I can't understand why the "factory default" CD sound is likely flat, louder and way beyond the full scale (0 dB). All right, sounds good for a boombox but for my PC Hi-Fi system it's a little bit more harshly. I have to de-amplify to -12dB and then to make some compression and normalization to -3dB to get an acceptable sound from CD. I tested CDs from various artists, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Genesis, Alan Parsons, The Band, Fleetwood Mac, Manfred Mann's Earth Band and all sounds are way beyond the full scale (0 dB). Is this a CD standard? Not happend when I record the same LPs from new vinyls to DSD 5.6 MHz and then converted to wav 196/32, 96/32, 48/32 or 44/16.
WavPack / wavpack support in 7zip (3rd party plugin)
Last post by kC_ -
I normally use the wavpack frontend gui but only just came across this not sure if its already known about, but may help others..

seems to work pretty well, simply extract the required 64/32 bit version into a subfolder called codecs
e.g C:\Program Files\7-Zip\Codecs

then select audio files & archive
in the additional parameters field enter
yx=0 0=WavPack2 1=lzma:d20 b0s1:1

would be nice if 7zip jist automatically did this kind of like winzip does with the zipx format, but still this plugin seems to work well enough (but you can only include audio files)

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Library files could not be written. Bug?
Last post by Case -
Are you sure you tested with a clean portable install? I could simulate your issue by having the portable foobar2000 directory be included in the monitored library and having enabled the transacted filesystem operations.

I suggest you move the foobar2000 outside the monitored Musica directory, and make sure "Use transacted filesystem for saving configuration" setting is disabled under Preferences -> Advanced -> Tools.
Vinyl / Re: 192/32 needed for digitized vinyl to sound as analogue as possible
Last post by old tech -
Just a question on the OP's soundstage claim.  Of course we all know that it is not possible for analog playback (especially vinyl) to have better sound stage than digital as the sound stage perception is part of the mastering using a combination of the two channels, and digital stereo separation is perfect. 

However I have noticed on cheaper T/T cart combinations there does seem to be a somewhat artificial widening of the sound stage.  It's hard to describe, almost like the fake surround sound some soundbars put out which of course, DSPs can emulate if that is one's thing.

I have never given this much thought but I presume it is due to phase shifts, which vinyl playback always has but more so with less well engineered or correctly aligned set-ups.  Any thoughts on this?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 DeskBand Controls
Last post by Revup67 -
Thanks for the continued assistance.  Steps 1-6 there was no issue on multiple attempts.  Deskband Controls just doesn't appear in the toolbar menu.  I realize not every PC is the same and perhaps one other component is causing the toolbar not to appear or perhaps some other nuance.  All the green text prompts are in place as per the instructions - no issues except as above and I can assure you when uninstalling the uninstall did not complete and a Pending folder shows in the Roaming component sub folder as mentioned.  Until I remove the deskband component file and the Pending folder Foobar prompts with Abort:Ignore:Retry - I'll just stick with the default player that's fine - cheers
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