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Support - (fb2k) / Re: How do I make a track appear twice in an autoplaylist or album list?
Last post by metal_termite -
I must have made a mistake with my syntax on foo_albumlist, because you can have duplicate track entries in the separate nodes providing they have the necessary multi-value tag, eg %<artist>% or in my case %<CHART_BILLBOARDTOP100>%.

It just wont translate it into duplicate entries in the playlist.

Nope, can't do it with foo_albumlist

"Any string manipulation function that removes a part of a string or inserts a substring by position is generally unsafe. This includes $left(), $right(), $cut(), $pad(), etc."
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: "Tested": codecs for the effect of stereo decorrelation (mid/side)
Last post by Porcus -
Not sure what are the right guesses CDDA vs hirez ... one thing is that a big part of hirez is uncorrelated noise. (Also I have not timed these. No info here about how much more effort froggy puts in stereo than in mono, for example.)

Anyway, here is the CDDA-only part, and where I have added columns that compare each mono to the FLAC beta at -8 mono, and each stereo to new -8 stereo. The final column is, say, [t](filesize FLAC -8 stereo minus Monkey's insane stereo) minus (filesize FLAC -8 mono minus Monkey's insane mono)[/t], that is: We know that Monkey's insane compresses more than FLAC does, and that difference is how much bigger in stereo than in dual mono?

CDDA part onlymono compressionstereo compression2chdiff in %pts1ch vs new FLAC -82ch vs new FLAC -8diff previous two
FLAC  irls-2021-09-21 -8 --no-mid-side67.2%67.1%0.080.00−1.27
FLAC  irls-2021-09-21 -8 -M67.2%66.0%1.230.00−0.12
FLAC  irls-2021-09-21 -867.2%65.9%1.350.000.00
FLAC  irls-2021-09-21 -567.6%66.2%1.37−0.34−0.32
FLAC 1.3.1 -867.3%65.9%1.36−0.08−0.07
FLAC 1.3.1 -567.7%66.3%1.40−0.46−0.40
WavPack -f68.7%67.5%1.20−1.47−1.62−0.15
WavPack default67.4%66.3%1.10−0.20−0.45−0.25
WavPack -hx166.9%65.3%1.630.320.600.28
WavPack -hhx466.7%64.9%1.810.551.010.46
Monkey's normal66.1%64.3%1.771.151.570.42
Monkey's insane65.1%63.4%1.692.122.470.34
TAK -p266.3%64.5%1.800.951.400.45
TAK -p4m65.8%63.9%1.851.471.970.50
OFR --preset 265.4%63.7%1.731.812.190.38
OFR --preset 1064.4%62.5%1.872.823.340.52
We see that getting a stereo signal, will enable the higher-compressing codecs to increase their compression advantages over FLAC, that is not unexpected; and for WavPack, TAK and OptimFrog (but not Monkey!) the higher modes do even better.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Wine/Spider Monkey Panel/Script bugs on Linux
Last post by marc2k3 -
Just because I like to prove a point, everything offline working...

I had to edit my own script which reads the DPI from the registry (the ActiveX object works fine - it's just that the expected registry key does not exist by default in WINE)

JS Smooth playlist required no edits - it just works (edit just realised the rating stars aren't showing due to a missing font, nothing that can't be easily fixed i've already installed FontAwesome which is required for the buttons on the bottom right)

The only edit to Library Tree was a playlist lock detection bug that also affects windows users and has nothing to do with running in WINE.

edit: this is using WINE v5 that ships with Ubuntu as default. I didn't bother with getting the latest.
Development - (fb2k) / Re: A working $if string to show artwork
Last post by hamybal -
highly appreciated for the support, I will add this to info to my foobar folder in case I need it for something else.

Someone on the reddit came up with a string that actually propperly works somehow.

If there would be an update about it would also be really nice but right now it isn't necassary at least for my case,
But i will try your solution another day to see if there are other benefits with this.
Thank you again, marc2k3
Have a good one!

Support - (fb2k) / Re: How do I make a track appear twice in an autoplaylist or album list?
Last post by metal_termite -
Can do it with the playlist manager (my sig), you have to create an smart playlist with duplication allowed (i.e. duplication filter disabled). You need Spider Monkey Panel.

The syntax is the same than an autoplaylist, but something like 'PLAYLIST IS ...' is allowed. You will use that Smart Playlist to load tracks from other autoplaylists ... then create multiple autoplaylists for the different years you want to check. Loading the smart playlist will merge the different autoplaylists' tracks without filtering duplicates.

Don't expect any more steps-by-steps, but you can check the readme pdf for the manager which should be a guide good enough to do it.
Thanks. I tried this. I could not find any option to create a `smart playlist` or any option for duplication filtering. I just saw an option to create to 'add new autoplaylist'.

I cannot find any `readme pdf` in the zip package or on the github either.