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General Audio / Re: Directory structure for organizing FLAC files.
Last post by Porcus -
Get the albums sorted chronologically! And if you have, say, singles with the same name as the album, you can either take great care to use an album version tag that says CDS or CDM or CDEP or ... - or you can use the CDDB disc id (possibly like this)

Album artist {year} Album `albumversion ¶discnumber` CDDB DISC ID

I would use curly braces to distinguish from characters that occur in actual names, and you might use something else than the ` depending what you need available on your keyboard or ... for example,  ¨ or ¤ or ... you might want to avoid characters that would need to be escaped in the command-line, or you may choose not to care.
You can fill in more spaces if you like. And if you aren't afraid of unicodes, the EM QUAD.
And I would drop the ¶discnumber if the total number of discs is 1. Actually I delete the DISCNUMBER and TOTALDISCS tags for one-disc releases.
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: Monkey's Audio speed improvements tested
Last post by Porcus -
Phew, that 32-bit ... anyone feels playback at a mighty 1.03x realtime?

The extra rows are marked "-32bit", have not been run three times The others - "-64bit" and others - are from the previous table.

CDDAfast65,13%normal64,07%high63,81%extra h.63,37%insane63,17%
And the stupid-resolution file:

768/24fast69,47%normal67,35%high67,33%extra h.66,97%insane68,14%
(210 sec)encodedec.encodedec.encodedec.encodedec.encodedec.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Dolby Headphone Wrapper
Last post by DfPD -
Thanks for all the help. I just found the "DolbyHph.dll" online, downloaded it, and the error message is now gone.
I thought the file was with plug-in when I installed it....anyway, it's working just fine, now.
Speech Codecs / Re: What is the best format for audiobook
Last post by saratoga -
Opus (if supported) or AAC-HE would be good choices on Android 6.  When 6.0 was new Opus support in Android apps could be spotty (not all knew to parse the files and tags), but probably that is a lot better now.  AAC-HE compatibility should be very good regardless.
General Audio / Re: Directory structure for organizing FLAC files.
Last post by DVDdoug -
It's entirely up to you!    Assuming your files are "tagged" your player software will take care of the "organization" and you can sort by artist, album, year, genre, etc.

Personally, I have top-level folders for broad-genres with most of my music in one called "Rock & Popular" and several specialty folders for soundtracks, Christmas Music, etc.    Then every artist has a sub-folder folder with a sub-folder for each album.  Oh, I also have a top-level folder for Various Artist compilations.  

For movies I include the release year in the file name but not with music, since it's in the metadata (tags).   And Greatest Hits & compilations have songs with different years.   (I try to research the original release year of the recording so that could be when the vinyl was released.)
General Audio / Directory structure for organizing FLAC files.
Last post by zoliky -
Hello, I'm currently using this folder structure for organizing my music:

Code: [Select]
+ Music/
    + Aerosmith
        + 1973 - Aerosmith
             - 01 - Track 01.flac
             - ...
        + 1974 - Get Your Wings
        + 1975 - Toys in the Attic
        + 1988 - Gems
     + Alphaville
     + Asia

I was thinking in getting rid of sub-folders and use a simpler structure, like so:

Code: [Select]
+ Music/
    + Aerosmith - Album - 1973 - Aerosmith
        - 01 - Track 01.flac
        - ...
    + Aerosmith - Album - 1974 - Get Your Wings
    + Aerosmith - Album - 1975 - Toys in the Attic
    + Aerosmith - Compilation - 1988 - Gems
    + Aerosmith - Compilation - 1989 - Best Of
    + Aerosmith - Single - 1994 - Crazy
    + Aerosmith - Single - 2001 - Fly Away From Here
    + Alphaville - Album - 1984 - Forever Young

If it's an MFSL or something special I will add a note like so:

Code: [Select]
     + Artist - Album - Name of album {MFLS Remaster}
     + Artist - Album - Name of album {DCC Remaster}
     + Artist - Album - Name of album {AFZ Remaster}
     + Artist - Album - Name of album {Vinyl}

The only downside of this method is that there will be a lot of folders inside the root Music folder. Even though I'm not sure if it's a downside.

Does any of you use a flat structure like this? Do you see anything wrong with it?
General - (fb2k) / Re: Dolby Headphone Wrapper
Last post by sveakul -
DfPD: That image shows that the file you need, "DolbyHph.dll", is NOT in the Foobar main folder.  Locate it using Windows "Search" (for instance), and then point the dialog box to the correct location.  If you don't have the file anymore, it can prove a bit difficult to find.  Cyberlink PowerDVD installations had (have?) it included.