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Cue Tools 2.2.3 Not working at all

I have not used Cue Tools in quite a few years as I have been focused on building my movie library in emby but now I am working on re-organizing my music collection to be compliant and once again I need my trusted friend Cue Tools.

I have tried to convert several images to tracks and it doesn't matter what type they are, APE or FLAC, I keep getting an exception error that says the audio type is unsupported.

I am now sure if I have done something wrong when installing Cue Tools as I thought it was just unzip to a folder and use it but it has been so long since I have messed with this software I don't know.

Any ideas?

Re: Cue Tools 2.2.3 Not working at all

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The problem is not one of Cue Tools but of Windows 10, I kept using the built in zip archive tool to extract and it didn't work.  I installed WinZip and used it to extract the files so not it will open the image file but when I try to execute the conversion I now get the error Exception flac.exe file not found.  

I don't know what to do now.  This program has always been rock solid until now

Re: Cue Tools 2.2.3 Not working at all

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I followed those instruction....I unblocked the archive before unpacking it and like I just opens and image but it won't execute because it can't find the flac.exe....and neither can I so what is going on here?  Do I have to install all the executables myself now?

Re: Cue Tools 2.2.3 Not working at all

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External encoders (exe files) are not included. You will need to download flac.exe if you want to use that instead of the built-in libFLAC.

Re: Cue Tools 2.2.3 Not working at all

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User error.....I wanted my old Cue Tools database since it has tons of releases in it that I have customized and I am redoing my collection so I didn't want to have to manually edit the tags once again and I made the mistake of copying over the entire AppData folder with other items inside.  Once I deleted all except the database it works fine now.