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AAC / Re: Is there any way to use the aac format to cut off only frequencies above 20 KHz?
Last post by gagorial -
--lowpass 20000 means that qaac will remove audio above 20000 Hz.
But it doesn't mean that the encoder won't remove audio below 20000 Hz.

Yes, I know, if someone reads the complete documentation of qaac, it tells that first apply the low pass filter and then it encodes, I tested many years ago with Yanni Truth of Touch and these files filtered was bigger than no filtered.

Also I tried with audacity high-pass filter and the files has minimum changed storage size. I tried emulate the pass-band filter from MP3 LAME.
CUETools / Re: CUETools.ARCue.exe reports a bad rip as accurately ripped. What's going on here?
Last post by Lazlo Nibble -
Regardless of how I ended up with this particular bad rip, CUETools isn't handling it correctly. It knows that the rip is inaccurate -- none of the AccurateRip checks report T10 as accurately ripped (so AccurateRip isn't having any problems with those end-of-disc samples) and the CTDB check even identifies how many samples it varies from two other rips in the CTDB. But the per-track listing still shows all tracks as accurate in the per-track listing (based on what?) and refuses to attempt a repair on the rip when run in Fix mode.

I don't doubt that this is some weird edge case but it's still very clearly a bug.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Find & Play
Last post by regor -
Btw, just noted accents may split results in multiple items (I suppose the error comes from
Salió el Sol / Salio el Sol


You could sanitize titles before displaying (not sure if the title case also counts here), and merge counts when there are duplicates (or average?).

And just had this crash when clicking on one of the songs:
20:44:17] foo_spider_monkey_panel:
Error: Spider Monkey Panel v1.6.1 (Find & Play v1.1.1 by WilB)
Index is out of bounds

File: web.js
Line: 1985, Column: 7
Stack trace:
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by Sickid -
Cannot reproduce that here. Your snippet works as expected.

Also the code for mouse handling is identical to JSP2 and this is the bit of code for mapping windows messages (WM_SOMETHING) in to which callback to call.

Nothing has changed.

It's my problem here. Everything's fine again.
I'm a little confused about what happened, but it doesn't matter.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: How to clean CD?
Last post by jaybeee -
For ~£20 you can get the emery / wet/dry paper and PlastX that will almost certainly work.

My tip is to get a CD you don't want and use that to test the technique first. So, don't be making circular rubs with the emery paper; instead keep it to straight lines in a back and forth way. You'd also be surprised at the pressure you can put on the CD with it to buff out the scratch.
FLAC / Re: FLAC v1.3.4
Last post by Porcus -
You need to apply the --lax option. By command-line, you throw in " --lax " before or after all the other options.