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CD Hardware/Software / Drive for EAC
Last post by Kantilo -
Hello, i search a drive for rip and burn with EAC, that support leadin/leadout for exact copy, which is better ?

General Audio / What does rr3% mean?
Last post by blahblahbla80 -
I've seen a few, mostly Chinese and Japanese, rips that have rr3% in their title. What does this mean? Is it something to do with RubyRipper?
I had FB2K running for several hours yesterday playing one playlist. (an M3u streamed from NAS).

I had it set to Shuffle tracks but I noticed repeated tracks at times. I didn't do anything, just left it playing. When I came to shut it down I noticed that there were now three instances of the same playlist loaded.

Why? Could that be the cause of the repeated tracks? (No, there are no repeats in the playlist).
Just wondering if there has been any discussion of automatically locking threads that haven't had any activity after say 60days?

Support - (fb2k) / Re: fb2k v1.3.16 app crashes intermittently
Last post by boxerfan88 -
Thank you.
I found the culprit - "Oscilloscope (Direct2D)"
Once removed, no more crashes.
Audio Hardware / Re: Headphone fit
Last post by JabbaThePrawn -
To be honest, everyone's head is different, as is their ears' sensitivity to pad pressure. As it is unlikely that any shop will allow you an hour or more on each headphone that fits your technical requirements, you may have to call in favours for a lend from anyone you know who owns a comparable pair of headphones.

As someone with a larger than average head, I must say that I've never had a pair of Sennheisers that wasn't comfortable, and that covers about six different models across the last 25 or so years. I also wear glasses, which adds its own problems when it comes to comfort.
Sound Forge and Reaper both follow the same style, one is intuitively usable if you know the other. Except that in the latter the save button is a small plus symbol. The current preset name is pre-selected in the Save offer. Maybe Foobar can't have new exclusive dialogs appear on top for technical reasons, then the current layout is understandable.
Audio Hardware / Headphone fit
Last post by athegn -
I suspect that there is no real answer to this problem i.e.  headphone fit.

By "chance" I have found that Sennheiser 180 phones are the most comfortable I have used. I did not come to these for comfort, that is something one can only find by hours of wearing, but by reading about its Kleer technology. I do think this is better than bluetooth and certainly has a greater range.

Problem is each of us have different size heads. My wife was pleased to learn that, when I had my head measured for a hat it was bigger than most; she always called me a "big head"!

So is there some metric one can use e.g. pressure applied to each ear on a "standard" head?

I am looking for some open back, wireless, (bluetooth would be fine in the required situation i.e. headphones would only be a short distance from smartphone with connected DAC) phones that are compact (the 180 and base are too bulky, and require AC power, for small backpacks). But must be comfortable.

In my hotel room I am wearing some Philips wired portable phones at present; sound is "ok" for direct connection to phones i.e. using phones DAC, but pressure on ears is not good.

Recharging would be a factor but this is so with the Sennheiser; I have a AAA charger with spare batteries at home for circumstances were I wear the phones for a long time. I could carry some rechargeable batteries with me; they don't weigh much.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 DeskBand Controls
Last post by JogibaerNr1 -
I just installed it, works great for me. Thank you very much eldarien! :)
Undeleted wav files may be due to closing EAC before the external compressor is finished.
No, that wasn't the case. This machine has 8 cores, and they're speedy, so something was left behind in the middle of process (for instance, track 02 left a WAV).

So EAC stopped the secondary beep because now it waits fully the external compressor without being queued. I suppose.