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Read foobar preferences?


I wanted to ask if it's possible to read foobar2000 preferences within my component. More specific, I want to find out the name of the current output device. How can I achieve this?



Re: Read foobar preferences?

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If you just care about querying the current output in foobar2000 1.3.5 and above, something like the following should do it.
If you require updates as the output changes, output_manager_v2 of foobar2000 1.4 lets you register a change callback.

Code: [Select]
        static_api_ptr_t<output_manager> om;
        outputCoreConfig_t cfg;
        auto op = output_entry::g_find(cfg.m_output);
        std::string output_name = op->get_name();
        std::string device_name = op->get_device_name(cfg.m_device);
        console::formatter() << "Output: " << pfc::print_guid(cfg.m_output)
                             << " - \"" << output_name.c_str() << "\"\n"
                             << "Device: " << pfc::print_guid(cfg.m_device)
                             << " - \"" << device_name.c_str() << "\"\n";
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Re: Read foobar preferences?

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Thanks! Works flawless.

Good to know that there will be a callback in the future, this will probably make the code a little bit cleaner. But for now, your example is sufficient for me. Thanks again!

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