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trouble tagging dsf files

Hi Everybody!

I have some dsf files (dsd64) and i discovered that the tags weren't correct so I decided to changed them .
When i looked again few days after those files, the corrections weren't applied
I thought i didn't applied the changes or the files where in reading only. i checked the files, everything was ok and corrected again the tags. 
But for some reasons, none of the corrections were taken into account. 

Could someone explain me what went wrong?
What do i do to correct the problem?

Thanks for you help

Re: trouble tagging dsf files

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As far as I know, neither of the DSF supporting plug-ins support re-tagging files.


Re: trouble tagging dsf files

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The .dff file format doesn't support (general) tags.
The .dsf file does.

I often tag .dsf files (and SACD ISO's) in both foobar2000 and mp3tag and can read them just fine in the other.  I'm using ID3v2.3 tags and foo_input_sacd-1.1.0 ( tho all the previous versions worked as well.)

The only time I've had problems tagging .dsf files IIRC is when they were read only.

You might use something like mp3tag to double check what tags are really in the file and try to change the tags with it and see what happens.  Perhaps you'll get a better error message and if not then you know that foobar2000/foo_input_sacd is misconfigured (that is, if you are using foo_input_sacd.))

Re: trouble tagging dsf files

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Thanks for the answer

The first i wanted to change the tag and i didn't work so i checked if the files were read only or not.
There weren't. So i did again the tag operation without luck

At this time i didn't had the  foo_input_sacd-1.1.0 component.
I do the operation again with it but nothing change and i don't find where to configure it
But changing tags with mp3tag works well and are being accepted by foobar.

In any case,  any error message pop-up.

Re: trouble tagging dsf files

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Do you have <Configuration><Tools><SACD><Editable Tags> checked?

Re: trouble tagging dsf files

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and since i checked it, it works very Well

Thank you for your help
have a nice week
Sunny Day 8)

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