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Title: Any Zune users out there?
Post by: Mach-X on 2013-09-14 05:31:36
Yes I get that Microsoft isn't all that popular around here, but I'm interested in hearing from any fellow ZuneHD users. My ZuneHD is my primary playback device in my car, with a wolfson DAC and one touch album play, I'm really surprised that nobody has rivalled such a great device for in car play. I have a sansa clip+, and an android phone, but neither delivers the easy on the go music playback that Zune does. One touch album play. One touch shuffle your library play. Not to mention the sexy metal case and amoled screen. Despite being discontinued years ago, the zunehd remains my go to device in my car. There's no sd slot so I use wma pro to synch my personal collection and still have enough room for my xbox music pass files, which is a service that is top tier, $10 a month to download all I want to my zune device. The clip screen is too tiny for selecting albums, and I hate when email/sms notifications come blasting through my car stereo using my droid. The ZuneHD is just perfect, beautiful screen, I can see album covers, and Xbox music pass is awesome for discovering new artists. I also love that I can just look down, click artist, and click an album and it plays. Why hasn't anybody else copied this brilliant interface?
Title: Any Zune users out there?
Post by: probedb on 2013-09-14 09:09:28
Do you work for Microsoft? This sounds like an advert
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