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Lossless / Other Codecs / Creating ALAC files using cuetools or from flacs?
Last post by dpr -
I have .wav rips of my cds and cue files. I use cuetools to split them into tracks and create flacs and mp3s for each track. I want to also create ALAC files to play via airport expresses. Any thoughts on what is the best way to do this?
-using cuetools from the wav files and the included encoder
-from the flac files, if so how in bulk?
-some other way?

Off-Topic / Radio - noise on audio amplifier
Last post by andreidaniel -
Hello everybody! I was given as a gift an old stationary radio made in Romania. Aesthetic it looks good for its age. I switched it on but it was heard only a noise and very weak sound. Both potentiometers for tone and volume were broken. There is a liniar design and I used one of those that I have for testing the radio. Generally it tunes into stations on LW is weak, decalibrated from the scale, on MW is somehow good, on 49M 1-2 stations and on the other two SW bands just some noise (because I didn't have an external antenna). On old OIRT FM I can tune with good sound a station which broadcasts 3h/day on 69,53 MHz. I made also a test with an FM converter (CCIR->OIRT) and also the sound was good.

Because the radio has a noise on the audio amplifier, I touched some components to see from where it could come. I saw that a transistor T403 was running very hot so I checked the power supply.. Instead of 15V it delivered 21V. I checked the medium power transistor AD155 and the E-C region was in shortcircuit. I used for negative an LM335 and adjusted to 14,9V. Now the driver transistor isn't running hot, but the noise persists. I desoldered any other links towards radio RF board and I let just the audio amplifier. At 0 volume it doesn't make any sound, but while I increase the volume even without any signal it makes a noise as "something was not soldered to the ground". If I touch the chassis, the noise vanishes. I changed for the moment C406 (10uF) and C408 (100uF). The same problem. The amplifier plays well and powerfull, the final transistors don't run hot. I tried to disconnect C405 (100nF) and as long as the noise vanished even in the absence of a potentiometer. I put the potentiometer cursor there and even at maximum (but with lower amplification) there was no noise. What it could be? A problem regarding the area of T401? Maybe the transistor is having too much hFE (beta) and it can pick-up easily any noise? Or because of its high impedance it could pick-up noise easier?

Another question regarding the ground is why some designs have GND soldered at "+" at the power supply, but the audio amplifier is having the ground at "-", while the RF part is linked through the RF coils to GND (+) because of NPN transistors. It couldn't been possible linking the emitors through their resistors at "-" for having the entire device the same rail polarity?
General Audio / Re: The COMPILATION=1 tag in FLAC Vorbis Metadata
Last post by dpr -
I always thought that compilations were multple artists only and didnt realise until recently that single artist 'collections
' are also included in the definition if they include some tracks previously released...just mentioning it incase someone didnt know either!

Seperately, I am fighting with the music app on my iphone to show the artists who have songs on multi artist compilations
General Audio / Re: Directory structure for organizing FLAC files.
Last post by dpr -
Is this the folder to store the music you play or the original sources or both?

I'm tending to at least 3 hierarchies:
1)  the original rips
2) flacs that have all the metadata.
3) various ouput formats cross encoded from the flacs with the metadata.

3) gets loaded by players into thier own copy.

So all depends what you want / need to do

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by StealthX -
I think this is related to Columns UI, if forgive me. In the playlist view I have Appearance>Headers>Show disc sub-header selected. Is there any way to edit it to show the Disc # without tagging the DISC field like "1/3", "2/3", "3/3"? I usually just tag the DISC field as "1", "2", "3", but it doesn't seem to display the disc # sub-header if tagged that way. It also does not display the disc sub-header if the DISC field is tagged "1/1" which I like and which makes me think there is somewhere I can't find to change the settings of this. Thanks!
CUETools / Re: 2.19 - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.. - EAC 1.6 related?
Last post by dpr -
@dpr could you please try to encode the rips of the CDs, where the exception occurred, using CUETools 2.2.0 with disabled "Verify using CTDB"?
See also:

If I disable "Verify using CTDB", i get the error. This is in 2.20 and the rip created with EAC 1.6.
I also get the error on a different rip created with EAC 1.5.

General Audio / Re: 2021: 82.1% of music consumption is catalog music, not ‘current’ music.
Last post by DVDdoug -
That is interesting because when I was growing-up the "top 40" radio stations were the hottest and I think most of the album sales were also current/recent.   Our town had also had an easy-listening radio station and I think a classical station, but there was no oldies or classic rock station.   At some point they added a country station. 

Generally, you could only buy singles (45's) that were currently on the charts.  Once a song fell off the charts it was no longer in the record store, except sometimes there was a small miscellaneous "oldies" bin.      I think the oldies were leftovers...  They weren't re-pressing them (the singles anyway). 

But in those days, we didn't have the Internet or cable TV so all of the kids were listening to the same music...    And everybody was watching the same TV shows.

...And now that I'm an old guy, 99.99% of what I listen to is "catalog" and I mostly just listen to music that I already own.  ;)

On the other side of the coin...   A few years ago I saw a statistic that said something like 80% of available music had zero sales in a given year!    So there is probably a LOT of available music that's NEVER streamed either...