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General - (fb2k) / Can Foobar windows stream music from another Foobar windows?
Last post by Errefae -
I have foobar on a windows Desktop and I have a laptop, I’d the laptop  to access the library of Foobar on the desktop.

Is this possible?

The same concept is available between Foobar on windows or Mac and Foobar on mobile iPhone or android using the UPnP component. however I’m not sure if this is possible between two computers.
Opus / Re: Opus 1.3.1
Last post by Aleron Ives -
AFAIK Vorbis's full potential likely remains unachieved. Maybe that's just how the cookie crumbles - the formats are designed with headroom for improvement potential that just becomes too cumbersome to reach.
Vorbis's main purpose was to be an open competitor to MP3, and now that Opus exists and does everything Vorbis did, except better, there's probably no point in trying to improve Vorbis further. I doubt the lack of development is due to technical limitations; it probably just stems from a lack of developer interest. Why work on Vorbis when you could work on Opus?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spotify for foobar (foo_input_spotify) New!
Last post by SPIKEYPUP -
Jut FYI to anyone who finds this thread, Spotify shut down LibSpotify yesterday, so this plugin will no longer work. There's no alternative to the library, so looks like we won't be able to play songs via Foobar anymore.

Well, now life just got even worse.  :/  Thanks for letting us know, I was wondering what was wrong.  Is it just Libspotify, or the whole API going south?  I guess I'll look it up, thanks again.
foobar2000 mobile / Re: How to save a playlist created in Foobar2000 for Android to a file?
Last post by 3d1l -
Ok then, thanks but no thanks.

I had already created the playlist IN Foobar2000 for Android and I need to save that playlist. If I create were I have to manually type the path and the name of the track is like doing the playlist again from scratch. What I need is to save an already created playlist to a file in the smartphone, then take that file and transfer it to the computer. modify it and transfer it back to the smartphone.

By the way I lost all the playlists because I had to roll back from 1.3 to 1.2.30. So under the current circumstances you methodology does apply because I have to create the playlists again but not if I have created a playlist from withing Foobar in the smartphone.