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freedb Problems

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hooray, clearing my DNS cache and changing to the US mirror did the trick for me.
Thanks, greynol

freedb Problems

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Why don't you try another freedb server, like some localised one.

Here's the link to Austrian freedb server:

  You beauty ... this has been really annoying me now for a while.. some CD's worked, but the majority came up with the various errors listed & discussed in detail ..

Well for the first time of trying this work around ... & BiNGO!! -100% Spot On!!!!

many Thanks, morph318 

freedb Problems

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I've written a utility to fix this and stuck it on CodePlex at:

Hope this helps someone (I find it useful but feedback on codeplex appreciated).

Basically I found that EAC was making bad requests to freedb (maybe it worked once and freedb has been upgraded?). This utility sits as a proxy between EAC and freedb and fixes up the requests on the way through.

Hopefully EAC will be fixed to make this unnecessary in the future.

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