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Silly minor EAC problem
Hi, I've just begun using EAC to rip to APE following various guides online to set it up. This has all gone fine, but I have one annoying problem that is bugging me:

There is a space in the filename after every song title before the extension. I've checked the extension box in Compression Options, and there is no space there - it's annoying to have to correct when I am ripping in large batches.

I am guessing it could be to do with the command line options I copied and pasted (I don't have a clue how to decipher them  ), so if there is an obvious space in them that just needs removing, could somebody point it out?

Code: [Select]
%d -t "Artist=%a" -t "Title=%t" -t "Album=%g" -t "Year=%y" -t "Track=%n" -t "Genre=%m" mac.exe %s %d -c2000

Sorry for the trivial question!

Edit: That fixed it, thank you very much! Sorry again for the stupid question.
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Silly minor EAC problem
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Check what you have as your naming scheme in the Filename tab under EAC Options.
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