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AccurateRip db offline?

Hello fellows.

I'm moving to a relative's house in the middle of nowhere for a week, where obviously internet doesn't exist  And I was planning on grabbing my laptop and continue verifying/tagginmg my collection there with CueTools. So, is there an AccurateRip db that could be "downloaded" so as to consult it offline?


AccurateRip db offline?

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A good place to check for answers to such questions is the AccurateRip forum, where this question was answered in the negative by dBpowerAMP developer Spoon (topic).

AccurateRip db offline?

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Not even a dialup connection?  I think a dialup internet connection would be good enough for tag lookups - even artwork.  Though you would be holding the phone line hostage.


AccurateRip db offline?

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Oh thanks for the help. I see freebd is accesible offline, I'll go for it then as it is also supported by CueTools.

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