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Automatic tagging against AccurateRip database?

My collection has become too large (around 100K FLACs ~4TB of HDD space), and I decided to start tagging all my -A- Artists with CueTools, reading the info from cue files and verifying it against AccurateRip database (so they include info about AccurateRip CRCs too).

But it took me the whole day, even being a semi-automatic process, and I'd need to spend a whole month tagging if I wanted to finish tagging them like that.

So, is there any way to completely automate the process? I wouldn't be very annoyed if some false positives ocuur, as I'm planning to leave it on for several days (until the tagging is finished) so I have a "base" to work on and then manually correct the false ones.

Thanks so much!

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