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Digital A/V News / Re: Audacity will spy you
Last post by mudlord -
Oh no! Someone wants to know something about you. Better lock yourself in a shelter and cease all interaction with the world.
Hey, I tried that and it didn't work :P.
So yeah, agreed. At sooner or later the world will get to know you. Games, apps, and even OSes are just the start.
And it's not going to change as long as people like you will still find this behaviour is normal and will blindly accept whatever private companies want to get out of us without our consent or even warning us about what is done and why.

Maybe because I worked out there is much better things to worry about in my life atm than what some online company does?
Sounds like very much a 1st-world problem than dealing with BS in your own neighbourhood. Let alone your own immediate life.
General - (fb2k) / Track Order???
Last post by Jambo7 -
Hi, Greetings from New Zealand. I'm pretty much new to Foobar2000 and certainly new to this forum, so this topic may have been discussed previously. If so, I apologise humbly yet profusely.
So here is my problem. As well as a few hundred rock, blues and jazz CDs, I have over 100 complete operas also on CD. Last week I started to transfer the operas over from Media Monkey, which I found was extremely eratic. The track number information in Windows 10 was fine. The Converter Output Foobar produced was the information that I required, which filled me with hope, but, alas I was seriously misled. I was unable to save the Converter Output and the subsequent track number information produced in Foobar2000, Metadata was not in order being at best, random. This followed through to how the opera played. For instance, in the Opera Das Rheingold track 1 was the 12th track played, the 1st track played being track 7, the 2nd track played was track 10 etc.
I then tried renaming the tracks by prefixing them with a number in Windows ie 01-. As soon as I changed the title by adding the number, the number disappeared on the majority of the tracks but not all of them. The track order information therefore, did not change.
As you will all know  ;)  ;)  ;) , an opera played with random track order is pretty much a random, waste of time. Is there any way I can get the tracks in order, for instance by copying the order of the hashtag in Windows? I've been trying to get these tracks in order for over a week now and I'm reluctantly, very close to returning to Media Monkey.

Salutations, Jambo (We should never have been relegated) 7

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by MordredKLB -
IIRC, Spider Monkey Panel can get the flags from any menu item. That's fine if you want to query it on startup/on demand, not so good for visual indicators which I'd expect to update in real time regardless of how the settings are changed, Without some sort of associated callbacks provided via the SDK, I'm guessing that isn't possible??

Sorry, I got distracted and have been away. Yes, I am indeed using a button in a Spider Monkey Panel and toggling the image (as well as performing the appropriate command) when the button is clicked. How would I get those menu item flags? In this case, that is for the "View/Playlist view/Show groups" command in columns ui. I imagine that getting the current value can be done once at startup, and a variable or text file can be manipulated as needed from there.
IsMainMenuCommandChecked("View/Playlist view/Show Groups")

If you need want to keep this in sync you could add it as an interval:
Code: [Select]
let showingGroups = false;  // used to draw correct button
setInterval(() => {
    const val = IsMainMenuCommandChecked("View/Playlist view/Show Groups");
    if (val != showingGroups) {
        showingGroups = val;
        window.RepaintRect(...fill in your buttons bounds here...);
}, 1000);
Off-Topic / How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors
Last post by 2tec -
This article contains a list of every respectable Windows anti-malware vendor, with a signature based product, that I am aware of. Thus this list, in addition to showing you how to easily submit malware or false positives to all of them, also serves as a reference for anti-malware products which are confirmed to be legitimate.
Digital A/V News / Re: Audacity will spy you
Last post by kode54 -
I go into things with exactly the worst possible outlook, and just happen to be pleasantly surprised when I get an inch better than that.

So, you expect developers to trust their most vocal users, and you expect them to code their own survey system rather than using the most convenient one.
AAC - Tech / Re: AAC-LC tuned for 44.1/48 kHz?
Last post by damian101 -
I think that has more to do with the encoder than with the codec itself.
However, FDK-AAC was apparently tuned towards 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz is only recommended at extremely high bitrates:

When encoding with quality 5, which is the only true constant quality setting (althogh still bit rate limited) of this encoder, you tend to get a more than 10% bigger file with a sample rate of 48 kHz, compared to 44.1 kHz; which I think is absurd considering that 48000 is less than 9% more than 44100.

YouTube also always resamples audio to 44.1 kHz before sending it to the AAC encoder, which is why I did the same thing with my Handbrake (compiled with FDK-AAC support) encodes prior to reading the official recommendations I linked to above.
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