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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by 3dyd -
Thanks for notification. #403 error should be fixed in latest beta.

Indeed, older version cannot be tested. Ok then, since playback works somehow, let's postpone investigation to 3.0 release. It has more options to try.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by musicmusic -
Columns UI 1.0.0 has been released. As a reminder, this removes Columns playlist and requires Windows 7 SP1 at a minimum. Read the release notes if you are upgrading from v0.5.1 or older.

Album list panel 0.4.0 beta 3 has also been released. This adds the ability to customise selection colours.

Downloads are available from
General - (fb2k) / Useful control panel keeps going off
Last post by ronan -
Hi all,
I use foobar2000 v1.4.1 on Win10 with no extra component except ASIO. When I play my music and go afk, I lock screen and get a useful control panel with "now playing" feature and controls to change track or pause/play. I find this feature very useful. My problem is that it's very unstable and goes off suddenly and goes back on few days later. I don't even see any reference to this feature in the documentation. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this feature and how I got it ? I send a picture of the control panel when my screen is locked and foobar is streaming some (good) music.
General - (fb2k) / Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates
Last post by Rollin -
If decoder gives no info about channel mapping than suggest that 5 channels are FL FR FC SL SR and 6 channels are FL FR FC LFE LS RS. Currently fb2k suggests that this are FL FR FC LR RR and FL FR FC LFE LR RR respectively.
But standard channel mapping for 5.0 and 5.1 use SIDE channels, not rear/back. See "Note 3" in column "5.0 side"'s header-  Also see here -
Also DTS-HD Master Audio Suite has only variant with SIDE channels for 5.0/5.1

According to the same sources ( , for 8 channels in case of unknown channel mapping suggest FL FR FC LFE RL RR SL SR, instead of currently suggested FL FR FC LFE RL RR FCL FCR; for 7 channels - FL FR FC LFE RC SL SR (or maybe FL FR FC RR RL SL SR ) instead of FL FR LFE RL RR FCL FCR
General - (fb2k) / Re: random playback with artist and song repeat protection?
Last post by anamorphic -
You just need download F2K random pools component and configuration file (attached below)
^ Also not a great idea to include a component (someone elses hard work) in an attachment this way when there are perfectly valid working links - should always get software from the authentic source. (You could have just posted the config file. ;) )
AAC / Re: xHE-AAC / FDK2 for Android - also available on Linux soon?
Last post by polemon -
Well, it would seem it's gonna drop onto Linux one way or the other. But all reason aside, the technicalities, like the dynamic bitrate and whether it's gonna be just the decoder or also an encoder in FDK2, is nebulous to me. Also I remember it's supposed to be a speech codec, so just streaming content or also telephony? I doubt the latter, I don't remember it being a low-latency codec.
General - (fb2k) / Re: random playback with artist and song repeat protection?
Last post by Simon_ Thunder -
Foo Random Pools by StrigUI configuration - random playback with artist and song repeat protection.

You just need download F2K random pools component and configuration file (attached below)

1. Unzip the archive to: foo_random_pools.dll to components folder and foo_random_pools.cfg to configuration folder.
2. Create the playlist and name it Auto DJ and add you library some folder
3.Set playback order to default.
4. Go to main window: File - Random pools - Auto DJ (with rating or without rating).
5. Random pools with this configuration picks random track from your library and stopped on last track.
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