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Scientific Discussion / Re: infrasound
Last post by old tech -
Well, we can believe what we want to believe.

The science behind this simply do not stack up.  Ms Pierpont's studies are amateurish and a truck can be driven through those references you have linked.

Brain Dunning is highly respected in the field of science, and he is just one of many mainstream scientists that dismiss the infrasound myth.  But like many other critics such as Randi, Houdini and so on, they are despised by those pushing psuedoscience to back their cause.  Instead of attacking the person, respond to the 6 points he makes which debunks the infrasound claim.

The comparison to the tobacco industry is hardly a good analogy.  Dunning and the countless other scientists do not work for windmill manufacturers or the electricity industry, indeed the scientists not connected to the tobacco industry were the ones championing the health hazards of smoking.  The analogy with the infrasound crowd is is more with astrologers and spoon benders.

Unless you get into conspiracy theories, you have to wonder why hasn't any government agency or health peak bodies anywhere in the world come out to warn the public of the dangers of windmills, or infrasound (which in any event, windmills do not produce any sub 20hz frequencies) as a danger to public health.
Support - (fb2k) / Open... dialog goes mad
Last post by GCRaistlin -
  • Install fb2k and:
  • Start fb2k, choose File | Open..., then click on File types drop-down list
It'll take a lot of time and blinking until the list will be shown. If there are even more input plugins installed (try attached set) the list can't be shown at all.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: NO benefits from using ASIO ?
Last post by -
You are correct.  There's a much simpler way to see it.  Still using the toslink, select "Speakers" as the output device instead of "S/PDIF Pass-through Device".  The speaker endpoint routes through the toslink.  The AVR shows the rate set in the Xonar DX Audio Center regardless. This is a DX from 2008.  Carry on. 

Still using exclusive mode (same result for shared).  FTR, my DX does not do exclusive-event or shared-event, just timer modes.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Resampler plugin
Last post by C87P66 -
Do you know how long the filter is for x8 oversampling?
Have no idea.

Would we get better performance with an even longer filter?
Why? It can be worse, not better.

I know SSRC is 16k max, if that's useful. It is often suggested that longer filters are more accurate, though more computation-intensive. Why do you think longer filters can be worse given the same design?
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