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Topic: If 0.90s(alpha ) not for archival, then what? (Read 2615 times) previous topic - next topic
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If 0.90s(alpha ) not for archival, then what?

First off, I wish Frank would put simple links to download the encoder and/or decoders.  I AM a rocket scientist and trying to find the link for the Windows95/98/etc encoder gives me a headache.  :confused:  Anyway, rant-mode off.

On Frank's page it states that 0.90s(alpha), the latest version, shouldn't be used for archiving.  Well, since it's a supposed upgrade, unless I read that wrong,  then why should I use the previous version?  Which version SHOULD I use?  Been up all night up until now. Sorry for the rant.


If 0.90s(alpha ) not for archival, then what?

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the warning not to use test encoders for archival is related to the yet not released sv8 encoder. the 0.90s encoder is just fine. use it.