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Re: Toogle button

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You can monitor the "stop after current" status like this:

Code: [Select]
#include "foobar2000/SDK/config_object_impl.h"

auto f_on_changed = [](const service_ptr_t<config_object>& conf_obj) {
  auto status = conf_obj->get_data_bool_simple(false);

  FB2K_console_formatter() << "stop after current is " << (status ? "set" : "not set");

static config_object_notify_simple_factory g_stop_after_current_monitor(standard_config_objects::bool_playlist_stop_after_current, f_on_changed);

This will write the current status of "stop after current" to the console. Depending on your project settings you might need to adjust the path for the include.

Re: Toogle button

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The toolbar button monitors the status of stop after current already. I want to monitor status of Stop after album in button toolbar. I think it's impossible for DUI.
The monitoring for "stop after album" can be done by replacing standard_config_objects::bool_playlist_stop_after_current with guid_cfg_menu_stopalbum_enabled in the code above, but I don't see any possibility to visualize it in the button toolbar.


Re: Toogle button

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Looks possible with the Columns UI SDK...

Code: [Select]
 * \brief Identifies the state of a button.
 * Combine multiple flags using bitwise or.
 * \see button::get_button_state
enum t_button_state {
    /** The button is enabled */
    BUTTON_STATE_ENABLED = (1 << 0),
    /** The button is in an active state */
    BUTTON_STATE_PRESSED = (1 << 1),
    /** The button displays a ToolTip */
    /** The default button state */