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General Audio / Re: Lossless audio - we have space on todays portables. Comparisons
Last post by fuflo -
For me the only reason I would want the audio files on my mobile device to be lossless is to have 'just' another backup around.

back in ye ol' days, one reason to use flac vs mp3 on a sansa was battery life with rockbox. I remember that one update where flac decoder was updated to be very low on cpu, and you could stretch the sansa to 25 hours of battery, vs mp3 15-17 hours
General Audio / Re: wanted: damaged sample files (lossless, lossy)
Last post by ktf -
For FLAC I created a testbench which only contains valid files, but that is already enough to break quite a few decoders, see here: and here

I had the idea to also create a testbench with broken files as you suggest, but one of the problems that I already have with the testbench of valid files, is that might prove a tool for black-hat hackers. This is even more so  for invalid files.

That's why I think you'll have a hard time finding such a thing: it the wrong hands it can be quite dangerous.
General Audio / Re: Lossless audio - we have space on todays portables. Comparisons
Last post by ktf -
This is all well and good, but I think that most people's collection also grew between 2006 and 2021.

If I remember correctly, in 2006 my collection in 112kbps Vorbis fitted nicely on a 2GB SD card, which was the maximum size my device accepted (no SDHC yet). Today, my FLAC collection takes up 131GB, just a tad too much for a 128GB card. So, while moving to FLAC only increased the size by a factor of 7, my collection grew in total size by a factor of 56.

For me the only reason I would want the audio files on my mobile device to be lossless is to have 'just' another backup around.
General Music Discussion / Re: Is it OK to have a CD edition and download a copy of a original?
Last post by ktf -
So this is where I ask whether one has to have the exact copy intended, or is it alright to own a remaster, for instance, and have a digital copy of the same record but different version (not LP, though). Count that the track listing is the same (I know there are cases in which it wouldn't be fair to own a reissue with more tracks). Or should one have the exact same original sounding record in hands?

An example: In the UK it is even illegal to rip a CD, so downloading something that is exactly the same as the CD is as well. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, ripping or copying a borrowed CD is perfectly legal.

Downloading a different remaster (which will have additional copyright from the people who were involved in remastering) will be illegal in most countries.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Wine/Spider Monkey Panel/Script bugs on Linux
Last post by regor -
Arial alone would do then? Have no access to a linux pc right now, if someone can offer a list of native fonts installed by wine it would be great. The function above should be modified with those.

So this is the current list (?)
- Registry missing 'HKCU\\Control Panel\\Desktop\\WindowMetrics\\AppliedDPI' entry: set DPI to 96 by default when its not found or recreate reg. entry.
- Clipboard not working: Install IE8 with Winetricks.
- HTML Popup not working: Install IE8 with Winetricks.
- Bio image download (and possibly other vbs scripts): Install 'wsh57' and 'mdac28' with Winetricks. sh winetricks wsh57 mdac28
- HTML activeX error: Install Gecko package.
- Fonts are not being found (native ones): Install 'gdiplus' with Winetricks. sh winetricks gdiplus
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Wine/Spider Monkey Panel/Script bugs on Linux
Last post by marc2k3 -
So you only need 2 packages to get image downloads working. Assuming you already have winetricks installed...

Code: [Select]
sh winetricks wsh57 mdac28

and that's it. All other scripting objects seem to be native when using WINE 6.22. xmlhttp, fso etc all work without those packages but they are definitely needed to for executing the external vbscript that downloads from

I've only tested my own scripts and there doesn't seem to be any way to get recycling files working so I just catch errors and report a console message.

Clipboard access can be made to work by installing ie8 via winetricks and of course ie8 is required if you want WilB's fancy html settings dialogs.

BTW, that script checking for Segoe UI won't find it. Pretty sure it's copyrighted and can't be legally distributed. Of course there's nothing stopping you copying it from a windows machine but it's not a good step for instructing others.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme
Last post by TT -

sorry but a lot of things has changed since that post it was written.
You can view it here:
If you click on a commit, you will see what has changed and which files ( if you click on the Showing * changed files )
has changed...

I've also added playlist row hover effect plus added Option to enable/disable the playlist/library row mouse hover,
added mouse wheel scroll for manually cycling through artworks, more support for booklet artwork, auto-playlists, other options,
fixed some bugs and updated foo_ui_columns to 1.7.0 and updated config files. The radio lyric support can be found in "Commits on Nov 11, 2021".

This means, it's much faster to make a new portable install and just download the latest up to date version,
instead of adding the changes to your modified files. Copy and note all your changes somewhere and just copy it to the new files, it's much faster that way...

As I have already written, when the first public release will be published, you can then just wait for the next version when it will be released,
instead of always looking for every commit I'm pushing on Github...