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album name containing "(double quotes)

How do I pass an album name containing "(double quotes) as an argument to Run service?
How do I write this?

Re: album name containing "(double quotes)

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It's probably useless for online searches so I'd strip it away...

Code: [Select]

If you were looking to pass it to an external app, double quotes are illegal in windows filenames so ideally you'd want to use something like %directory% instead because that already cannot contain them.

Re: album name containing "(double quotes)

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Thank you.

I don't want to modify the album name,so only the external command
"(double quotes) to be removed.


Re: album name containing "(double quotes)

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Are there any album titles where you'd go wrong replacing those " that are quotation marks, by so-called “smart” quotation marks?
Sure you need to take care of "s that are intended for inches, seconds or other usage primes symbol ″

A more lazy option would be the fullwidth"

Re: album name containing "(double quotes)

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I'm confused. Where are these double quotes needed? If foo_run for example is used to send some metadata to command line program, double quotes are perfectly valid thing to want to send without mutilation. What kind of special handling they need depends on what the topic starter wants to do.

Re: album name containing "(double quotes)

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The album name contains "(double quotation marks)",
If the parameter of Run service is %album% as it is, an error will occur.
There is no problem except for Run service.
Only the Run service parameter has the " (double quotation marks)" removed.


Re: album name containing "(double quotes)

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You didn't clarify at all what you are trying to do. For example if you wanted to pass double quotes to cmd.exe you might need to escape them with ^". To pass them to web services you can replace them with %22. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.