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Forum Search issues after June 2022

The forum search is still working however posts and topics created a short time after the June server maintenance appear to be excluded.

There was a recent topic "How to search in foobar2000 Forums" where the OP stated that the term "refacets" didn't return any results. "refacets" is a newer term that didn't exist prior to a few months ago.

I ran a few searches and the last post returned with the term
  • "foobar2000" was June 23 2022
  • "foobar" was June 22 2022
  • "audio" was June 22 2022
  • "flac" was June 18 2022
  • "cuetools" was June 5 2022

Note: Try using external search engine (e.g. duckduckgo, google) for recent posts until fixed:
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