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Scientific Discussion / Here is an example justificaition of the usefulness of the DolbyA compatible dcd
Last post by jsdyson -
I put up a demo of two (maybe eventually 3) songs that I must take down very soon.  The demo is a result of the decoder processing and afew other steps.  I plan to document everything some time soon.

If you listen and are a fan of the group, it WILL be a religioius experience.  If you are not a fan, then you JUST MIGHT become one.
This sounds different than I have EVER heard from the group, and the material is a commonly available street copy that was processed by the software that I have been talking about.

Just listen -- it is worth 10 minutes:

Give me feedback -- I'd really like to see the face of each person who listens -- and yes -- it is very safe :-).
General Audio / Re: Arnold B. Krueger RIP
Last post by LedHed8 -
Sad news.  RIP Arnold.  He was a wealth of knowledge; his posts were informative, if not, at times, entertaining.  His contributions to HA and the larger world of audio will be greatly missed.  Although I didn't know Arny personally, I would like to acknowledge him for saving me and my family incalculable amounts of money over the past decade.  If not for stumbling across his posts of science and reason, I'm certain I'd have purchased many overpriced "snake oil" audiophool pieces of gear over the years.  Thank you Arnold for sharing your experience and knowledge with us audio laymen.

Best regards,
Opus / Re: Can anyone reliably ABX OPUS at 160kbps?
Last post by quadH -
I don't know how accurate this stuff is but based on this YouTube video... ; on my PC's Klipsch Pro-Media speakers (which should be above average PC speakers), once it hits about 15000 Hz (maybe a hair over that) I can't no longer hear anything and I don't start hearing anything initially til about 25-30 Hz or so.

YouTube uses a low pass filter at 17500 Hz.
General - (fb2k) / Re: ISO files only play at 44,100hz
Last post by fuse999 -
Check your <Options><Tools><SACD><Output Mode> is either "DSD" or "DSD+PCM", your <Preferable Area> is "Stereo" and <DSD Processor> is "None"  If you do need the DSD Processor check that <Options><Tools><DSD Processor> isn't set to convert DSD to PCM.

I couldn't find this on Foobar or Windows. Which is it on? I did all the other things you suggested. Thanks
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