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That lodash thing was bugging me so I looked in to it some more...

a) that lodash file is not the original from source. It's been mangled in some way and I'm almost certain the original would have worked correctly without adding a BOM.

b) having said that, utf8 files without BOM are not handled correctly in the preprocessor section and this is a component issue which needs to be fixed.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by fuffi -
actually the question is: a script is needed so that if there are 2 or more styles indicated in the release ...
If STYLE is set up in f2k Advanced Settings as a multivalue field
you already have some tags with COMMA as the separator, then you could easily use the f2k Masstagger script "SPLIT FIELD BY SEPARATOR", and run it over those* files you want to replace the "," with ";".

*You can find those* files by checking the file properties for "tag1, tag2" instead of "tag1; tag2",
or use the Media Library Search with "GENRE HAS ," as a search therm.
(But caution, there are STYLE Names, which include a comma, like i.e. "Folk, World, & Country".
I personally use the search term "(GENRE HAS ",") AND NOT (GENRE HAS ", & " )" for finding commas in my tags.)
MP3 / Re: MP3 license is expired?
Last post by polemon -
It should be noted, that patents expire depending on date of grant and also place of grant.

If I remember correctly, the last patent to expire was some time earlier this year in Japan, two weeks after the expired everywhere else.
aac or opus will both work well. The above links is provide more details about specific encoders and settings. 
foo_ui_hacks allows you to hide main window using Esc key (as well as a lot of other useful things).
Support - (fb2k) / Empty value is treated as not empty
Last post by VEG -
I often listen to this radio:
And I always encounter the same problem: empty value of %artist% is not treated as empty.

For example, for this title format string:
Code: [Select]
[%artist% - ]%title%
And for this data:
Code: [Select]
TITLE=Emancipator - Anthem
I get this:
Code: [Select]
 - Emancipator - Anthem
It is possible to resolve this problem using this trick:
Code: [Select]
$iflonger($trim(%artist%),0,%artist% - ,)%title%
But it is not very convenient to put similar code everywhere. It would be much better to make the [...] construction a bit smarter :)
Ogg Vorbis - General / Re: Vorbis comment padding issue
Last post by lithopsian -
There is no (practical) limit in the specification, but that's not to say that a particular encoder can't have a problem tagging, or may even impose a limit of its own.

You seem to be mixing up questions about flac (raw or in ogg?) and vorbis.  The standard flac encoder allows padding blocks to be written and even adds one by default just in case.  Since the metadata is in a known position at the start of the file, padding allows tags to be extended or added without having to also rewrite the much larger audio data, up to the space available from the padding block.  Vorbis allows similar padding to be used, although not using explicit padding blocks; pages are simply written larger than would be necessary to contain their contents.
I'll just get my popcorn and watch the show  ;D
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by widerock -
- CHG: Remove the whole IStyleTextRender interface. Anything that uses
       gdi.CreateStyleTextRender or was based on "glow text sample.txt"
       will no longer work

Is there anything to replace " gdi.CreateStyleTextRender" thing?