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Sync with HTC Desire HD

Hello, i just bought a HTC Desire HD and its rly easy to put music on it  no need for crappy itunes anymore  Anyway:

Is there a easy way to sync playlists/songs with it? Atm i only know the manual way (copy all songs to the device, create .m3u playlist and save it on the device). But for example all ocvers (which are saved in one big "cover" folders) arent on my phone then.. also i hoped for a "1 click sync" button

Is there such a component out there or any ideas on how to solve this (especially the cover problem)



Sync with HTC Desire HD

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I know Foobar2000 is capable of doing this with plugins, like with the excellent iPod / iTunes plugin. Haven't tried rooting around with the SDK though, as I'm sure people will just tell me to develop a sync-thing by myself.